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  • hey,
    tried your clean sheen rom - slight problem with the internet explorer, i click on it n it dont work..
    got any other 6.1 roms for p3300?
    please send link on here or to;
    [email protected]

    iv made a skin for the wmp if you want it?
    it looks like the vista theme but black and white..
    hello m from nagpur...do u want to buy my acer m900.yes i know that it is costly but after using its unique and superb features like fingerprint sensor,gsensor,light sensor,5mp camera,qwerty kybrd...i can term this handset as a tp2 killer device...so if u r able to xtend ur budget for a real multimedi+business phone,then do watch my ad in marketplace in xda-dev..it shud be on 1st page..or better call me on 9766223711.thnx
    hey, i have one small little problem with my phone that maybe you could help me with...first i am runnning your rom which is great and fast, i have not found any problems with it (been running it for a week now), my carrier is with fido and im in canada, i have caller id with my plan but i cant get it to work. i know no matter what fido is always in roaming stage, i have tryed flashing different radio roms (unless i missed one that does give me caller id). i also tryed to change the registry in my phone to read the radio towers and that dont work, my question to you is, is there a radio rom out there that i missed, or is there a program that i can install that might work?
    oh i got i one other small problem with your rom, i did a soft reset on my phone and i lost the registry icon, is there any way to get back in there if i have to change it, i have tryed everything and so far no luck
    Hey Shekhar....

    I am using ur 6.5 ROM and I have to say its the best 6.5 ROM available on the forum... I simply love it...

    But there is a small problem which I believe would make the ROM even better... I have posted the question in the thread for that ROM.. its about the music getting shut off when u switch off the display... Can you include the fix to this problem in a new version or let me know how to fix this??

    Any help would be much appreciated... But got to say... U Rock Man!!!
    Hi Sheennick,
    Would it be possible to get an unprotected version of your 'wm 6.1_sheen_no_nonsense_v5' ROM, like you did for your wm6.s rom.
    That would be a great help for me and other people who would like a nice clean rom to start cooking with.
    just installed the o2 rom on my xda orbit that u provided the link for download when I try to run tom tom it keeps saying poor reception and it was doing that for near half hour can’t connect to satellite please advise did u have any problem after you flushed with the wm6 rom
    Hi Shekhar,

    You seem to be a Maharashtrian! So am I. My name is AMogh Ranadive, and I'm from Mumbai. While browsing through xda dev, i came across your manilla ROM for the Artemis, and I must say its a piece of genius. I want to flash this to my HTC Artemis, but I'm a noob at this and I don't know how to.

    Could you please mail me the complete procedure and the warranty risks if any? It would be appriciated. Please keep in mind that im a noob :)

    Looking forward to your reply, you can mail me on ranadive.am[email protected]

    Thanks mate, cya!
    Hi sheennick,
    I read with interest your Posts
    "htc album DOES play videos
    look for htc album 2.0
    its extracted from devices like opal,jade etc"

    Regarding "HTC Album"....Are you refering to O2 xdaII mini "Album" that play Video & Picture?
    I am looking for a replacement for my xda ii mini (Windows 2003) which i have been using for last 3 years.
    Album Version 2.51 (Build 20745) that can Zoom In/Out while playing Video and many other features that i don't understand why HTC did not continue using this Album in ALL the new Pocket PC.
    Finally, you are the Genius that i found that may recommend which model should i buy from HTC lines of PDA that came with Album (Design quite same as your Profile Picture or Blackstone ?
    Thanks in Advance!
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