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  1. shhnedo

    Post [REFERENCE] How to get an Android kernel up to date with linux-stable

    That's not how it works. And no, nobody can really "help" you go from 3.x kernel to a 5.x kernel. Those are two completely different kernel generations to begin with. Then comes all the drivers and a bunch of troubleshooting, etc, etc.
  2. shhnedo

    Post [CLOSED][DISCONTINUED][ROM][11.0][Miatoll][OFFICIAL] PixelPlusUI v3.9 | Eternal [2021/09/16]

    https://ppui.site/changelog https://github.com/PixelPlusUI-Devices/official_devices/blob/master/changelogs/miatoll/PixelPlusUI_3.10_miatoll-11.0-20211016-0950-OFFICIAL.txt
  3. shhnedo

    Post ¿Why LG G8 don't have any custom rom?

    Because it may not be a popular/interesting device? Because LG gave up the smartphone business and support is dodgy?
  4. shhnedo

    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 18.1 [2021-08-09][Discontinued]

    Thanks! @equlog How would the installation change if I were to flash a gapps package?
  5. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    I updated just fine via OTA.
  6. shhnedo

    Post can I root pixelexperience 10 rom for nexus 5x?

    amdradeonhd6950 Yes. Magisk.
  7. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    Magisk(latest stable) - yes. Xposed - no idea.
  8. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    Magisk 20.4 isn't compatible with the latest PE update. Says "Unsupported/Unknown image format". July 26 2020 Scratch that, it works perfectly after flashing the 20.4.zip in twrp.
  9. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    That's not the case. Both the big and LITTLE clusters are working. Install CPU-Z and start switching between it and some other app with the recents button. You'll see.
  10. shhnedo

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 17.1 [BLOD PATCHED] [2021-08-09]

    dangpzanco Fl0k1337 https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=81763345&postcount=4
  11. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    Why do you have to "manually enable" them? It's a big.LITTLE architecture, LITTLE cores do most of the work, big cores come on when they're needed for heavier workloads.
  12. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    What do you mean "enable"? They're working by default. If you've flashed a blod fix of any kind on a previous rom, it shouldn't be present on PE after a clean flash.
  13. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    Is there any way to stop the lockscreen wallpaper from changing its size/position when pressing the power button? It tilts me off like nothing else. What I mean is: phone is locked and display is turned off -> press power button -> wallpaper looks to be zooming in or out or w/e and then it...
  14. shhnedo

    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    Why don't you just open the log with something like notepad and Ctrl+F anything you might consider personal to see if it's in the log?
  15. shhnedo

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][Android 10] Pixel Experience For S10+

    Things like VoLTE will never work on a custom rom for a samsung device - proprietary closed sources.