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    Post How to Develop a Weather App with Flutter using Location Kit and OpenWeatherMap API?

    Does Location kit works offline ?
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    Thread 【Integration Guide】 HUAWEI Account Kit Demo

    In the previous post, we learned the advantages of Account Kit: one-click sign-in authorization in any scenario, secure and reliable services, and convenient integration, as well as giving apps access to the global HUAWEI ID base of potential users. A QR code is also provided at the end of the...
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    Post How to Become a Huawei Applications/Themes Developer

    For theme development do we need any permissions ?
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    Post Beginner: Integration of Huawei Site Kit and Cloud DB in Android (Kotlin)

    Does CloudDB supports offline operations ?
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    Thread Intermediate: Mobile App Security Using Huawei Safety detect Kit (Flutter)

    Introduction In this article, we will learn how to implement Huawei Safety detect kit in to mobile applications. Mobile devices have become more popular than laptops. Now a days users engage in nearly all activities on mobile devices, right from watching the news, checking emails, online...
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    Thread Beginner : Building Custom model using Huawei ML kit Custom Model

    Introduction Are you new to machine learning? If yes. Then let’s start from the scratch. What is machine learning? Definition: “Field of study that gives computer capability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” In general: Machine learning is an Application of the Artificial...
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    Thread Failed to Set a Huawei Runtime Quick Game Packaged from a Laya Game to Full Screen

    Symptom After a Laya game is packaged into a Huawei runtime quick game, the game screen cannot be displayed in full mode, as shown in the following figure. Cause Analysis The possible cause is that the screen adaptation code is not modified before packaging or the adaptation mode is not...
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    Post How Can I Quickly Integrate Cloud Storage of AppGallery Connect into a nodeJS

    Cloud Storage needs any prior permissions or approvals to use in app ?
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    Thread Integrating HUAWEI Push Kit Using Unity

    1.1 Version Change History 1.2 Service Introduction 1.2.1 Overview This document describes how to integrate Push Kit using the official Unity asset. After the integration, your app can use the services of this Kit on HMS mobile phones. For details about Push Kit...
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    Thread Beginner: Integration of Huawei Site Kit and Cloud DB in Android (Kotlin)

    Introduction In this article, we will be learning how to integrate the Huawei Site kit and Cloud DB integrations in Android using Kotlin. Using AGC Cloud DB service, Service Providers from multiple cities can manage their data through CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) operations. Using...
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    Thread Intermediate: How to Verify Phone Number and Anonymous Account Login using Huawei Auth Service-AGC in Unity

    Introduction In this article, we will looking that how Huawei Auth Service-AGC provides secure and reliable user authentication system to your application. However building such systems is very difficult process, using Huawei Auth Service SDK only need to access Auth Service capabilities...
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    Post Beginners : Explaining Database Storage in Huawei Harmony using SQLite

    Does it support room database ?
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    Thread Four Highlights in HUAWEI Analytics Kit 5.2.0 that Unlock the Power of Data

    HUAWEI Analytics Kit 5.2.0 offers a one-stop solution for enterprises that are digitalizing their operations, with scenario-specific applications, as well as comprehensive capabilities spanning data collection, management, analysis, and usage. The Kit is dedicated to high-precision new user...
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    Thread How a Programmer at Huawei Created an Exercise Tracking App to Show His Appreciation for His Girlfriend

    Besides the usual offerings of flowers and handbags, what other ways are there to profess your love for your girlfriend? John, a programmer at Huawei, provides us with a novel answer. John is currently on a business trip in France and wanted to do something different to show his appreciation...
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    Thread Integrating HUAWEI Analytics Kit Using Unity

    This document describes how to integrate Analytics Kit using the official Unity asset. After the integration, your app can use the services of this Kit on HMS mobile phones. For details about Analytics Kit, please visit HUAWEI Developers. 1.1 Preparations 1.1.1 Importing Unity Assets 1.1.2...