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  • Dunno mate just got bored of it lol always felt like i was going to break it! The TG01, seriously fast fone, but bad choice of OS!!! your right. I'm waitin for the first phone to throw in the Nvidia mobile gpu, gotta be any time now!
    ha ha what happened? yeah still got tp2 but now playing with tg01. very fast but very dull user exp as nothing on phone to use all that power so wasted. tp2 is still stock for now as none of the roms out there do it justice IMO
    Hi mate, how you getting on with the HTC TP2? you still using it as your primary phone? what do you think of the sony xperia? im back with the Samsung I780 with WM6.5 ROM cooked in the general forum on here. keyboard is so easy to use, really cool phone.
    Hi shingers5, sorry to disturb you
    I'm from Turkey and i bought Vodafone uk Magic phone from England.
    I just got little confused about Rooting my Magic. I think you've got the same phone.
    I want to install this Hero Rom v1.4 so much. But i'm little afraid of doing things. Because i don't sure that if android-dls wiki site tutorial is for Vodafone uk magic or Htc Branded Magic.(not vodafone)
    So which site or tutorial do you recommend me to first Root my magic and then install Hero rom?? If i go with the android-dls wiki site tutorial will it be ok to root my vodafone u.k. magic with no problem???
    Thank you very much, i'll appreciate
    this phone is most exciting device i have used from htc. the refinements made to the whole UI and use of the device is truly innovative. yhis device works and does it well. i reccommend this device to anyone
    You make me so excited for this phone :D everytime I hear something negative, and then you come: Nope I don't have that problem :D seems to be all working great :D:D

    Can't wait!
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