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    Post [ROM][PIE/9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL]Viper OS v6.5 [A6020]

    One more keep up the good work will test and report:highfive:
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    Have anyone tried running PUBG, can anyone suggest a good ROM for this.
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    Post [ROM][NO-VOLTE][9.0.0][OFFICIAL]AospExtended ROM V6.0[PIE]

    This zip works perfectly in this ROM no issues
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    Post [ROM][NO-VOLTE][9.0.0][OFFICIAL]AospExtended ROM V6.0[PIE]

    I think it is a new bug wen I talk using the loud speaker always the listener complain about voice bounce ,which is a very irritative thing.this problem is in aex 4.7 and P too now.is anyone facing this issue
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    Post [Kernel][A6020][PBH][8.x]

    I am in aex 8.1 which one is the best for this v1 or v2 and can any one explain what changes I can expect if I flash on the shipped kernal on aex
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    Post [ROM][NO-VOLTE][9.0.0][OFFICIAL]AospExtended ROM V6.0[PIE]

    Don't except it from Amy custom ROMs ho back to stock to use that app
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    Post Mod New {Dolby Atmos} For Oreo [PowerfulAtmos]

    Same here Dolby on N was epic majisk 7.x this mod not working ..
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V4.6-FINAL [A6020]

    He any one knows how to change the default webview in developper mode
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    Post [ROM][NO-VOLTE][9.0.0][OFFICIAL]AospExtended ROM V6.0[PIE]

    Majisk latest version is not installing any modules
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    Post [ROM] ArrowOS for Lenovo Vibe K5/K5 Plus [81.0][OFFICIAL]

    Another ROM :silly: ---------- Post added at 10:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:55 AM ---------- Screen shorts are always appreciated
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    Post [ROM][NO-VOLTE][9.0.0][OFFICIAL]AospExtended ROM V6.0[PIE]

    Like in stock Samsung ROM when a device connects to a WiFi hotspot it shows connected device information like the Ip and Mac .is there any way to get this feature I have tried many third party apps .