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    Post [Q] [Problem]My Z3 doesn't recognize the earphones after taking photos underwater

    Use a dryer or just dry up the phone. As per Sony's website about water usage it says it may take up to 3 hours of drying for the earphones/speakers to start being useful.
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] P7500RUXKK2 Stock Rom [Android 3.2]

    ROM of Thread CSC: RWC Date: 11.2011 Android: 3.2 Firmware: P7500RUXKK2 -------------- Latest ROM P7500XXKL4 12.2011 ITV 3.2 P7500XWKL1 12.2011 SER 3.2
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    Post [ROM][STOCK] P7500JJKJ6 Stock Rom (Android 3.2)

    Can we use stock recovery? Just bought my too! Im on 3.1 Stock - India.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Note Launched in India & Availability

    Getting mine today evening (first official sale in town) but under wraps since the dealers get them tomorrow ;-).
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    Post I9000XWJM2 is out!

    Indian ROM already is JF3 since a few weeks by the way ...
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    Post [HTC UNIVERSAL - 30/07/09] WM6.5 WWE v2.0.5 (new build 23016) [vanilla-regular])

    Hey everyone. I'm back and Ive lost my mind. I dont even remember (after I stopped cooking my Rdosti roms) how to upgrade from a factory (Sim unlocked) O2 Executive WM5 ROM to WM6.5 . I couldnt find the tutorial or steps on the Wiki. Would someone be so kind enough to point out the way to this...
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    Post Airtel HTC HERO 2.73.720.5

    I paid 33,600 actually :( Couldnt get a better deal and didn't want to wait a few more days since I'm off to USA tomorrow (rdosti = shivam)
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    Post manilla M2D All-In-One .cab file

    In one thread you say 6.1 isnt supported, in another 6.5 and 6.1 are? Can you let us know whether it supports all 6.1 and continues to be slow as a hog for 6.1 or much faster now?
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    Post [September 14|2008] INDIA ROM & Shivam 310 ROM (32MB Free)

    This is an update to a lost of questions that I have been unable to get to (and thanks to some motivation from a few messenger buddies from xda).... All our rom's are version 6.0 and not 6.1. I have never really been fascinated by the 6.1 rom , so if you are looking towards using the WM 6.1, the...
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    Post Correct Gps Settings On X7500

    Use Destinator (get a trial edition if you can) just to get the "RIGHT GPS Port" Seems It uses the port which WM6 doesnt automatically detect (atleast for me) Regards
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    Post X7510 ROM

    Wont you lose your dual camera in the 7510 rom?
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    Post Do we need an other variant of WM6

    Blue looks best. Black is Even Better. Green...hurts the eye
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    Thread Increasing Universal speaker volume

    I dont mind the crack sounds,etc. Is there a way to increase the speaker volume (for music). TCMP media player does a great job with a feature to increase the volume, but dont see a similar method for all other sound or WMP (since I have DRM music from napster that doesnt play using TCMP) Regards
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    Post ** Official HTC WM6 Rom all links in here **

    - The reason for this is IMate no longer is connected to HTC (They went their seperate ways) so no IMATE device will be HTC related or affiliated. Imate basically just made a mess...