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    Post [ROM][LineageOS][Android 7.1.2][OMS7][Unified] Tugapower™ 37.0

    Go to settings - security and scroll to the bottom (my phone says "encrypted")
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    Post Camera unable to save photos

    I'm having the exact same issue. I've re-flashed OOS 4.0.2 twice, re-formatting the system via stock recovery in between. tried with and without root, also removed data for the camera app. Strangely it works just fine with an app like Open Camera (although the quality is miserable) - have you...
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    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    Not enough space to store TitaniumBackup or screenshots EDIT: fixed the problem by re-flashing OOS4.0.2 and setting up everything again via TitaniumBackup - must've been something with the encryption, I guess... Hey there, OP3 user here. I just clean flashed 4.0.2 and reinstalled all apps via...
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    Post Change Mac Address

    You could use this xposed framework: Phone ID Changer Xposed Cheers
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    Post [Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.4 [Updated 01/16/16]: Nexus 5 Thread

    First tool to get the 4.4.2 OTA update rooted and busyboxed :good: This is really donation-worthy (just donated :D), keep up the good work! Cheers
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    Post [ROM][official] HTC One X - CyanogenMod 9.1 - weekly - 4.0.4

    I've been having issues with this rom lately: as soon as I want to install an app, it says it's out of disk space (when it's obviously not). Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Installed Alpha 12 but no change. Latest CWM installed etc.
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    Post [ROM][official] HTC One X - CyanogenMod 9.1 - weekly - 4.0.4

    I'm now using this as my daily driver for about a week. Couldn't find anything buggy yet, except for the flashlight which was not working with the Alpha 8, but is now working with Alpha 9. This is the first custom rom I've flashed, since I'm convinced of CyanogenMod roms. It seems to be a legit...
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    Post [PRJ][SOLVED]Permaroot for latest Desire Z

    dito, give credit where credit is due :)
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    Post [GUIDE][DZ] EASY Rooting, Flashing, Debranding and Basic FAQs for dummies

    Titanium Backup stops working after reboot bekause of perm root not working su does not work as well in the terminal no error message indicating anything wrong after the "insmod wpthis-z.ko" kernel: [email protected] #1 Tue Oct 26 16:04:03 CST 2010 build-number: 1.34.405.5...
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    Post [PRJ][SOLVED]Permaroot for latest Desire Z

    I tried them both in order to get a permanent root, but I was not able to permanently root - neither via visionary nor rage. Only the temp. root on bootup with visionary is working as expected. What's the IRC channel you're talking about? Maybe I can support you in any kind of way. Regards, David
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    Post [PRJ][SOLVED]Permaroot for latest Desire Z

    Currently same problem with HTC Desire Z bought in Amsterdam, Netherlands yesterday at BelCompany (unbranded). some data seem to be different though: kernel: [email protected] #1 Tue Oct 26 16:04:03 CST 2010 build-number: 1.34.405.5 CL273327 release-keys Software-number...
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    Post [GUIDE][DZ] EASY Rooting, Flashing, Debranding and Basic FAQs for dummies

    Maybe it's just me, but I can't get my HTC Desire Z to S-OFF :( I followed your instructions, inserted the hboot via dd into /dev/block/mmcblk0p18. It said something about 2048 bytes written. but after typing sync + power off, I'm still on S-ON in my bootloader. Any suggestions? Root seems...
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    Post [ROM][32a][32b][3.22][Froyo] CM6-Minimou-final (09/04/2010)

    I used ASTRO File Managers's app install/uninstall tool to uninstall LauncherPro and install ADW Launcher, should be no problem with the stock launcher as well. This is my default rom and I'm pretty happy since about 2 weeks now, great progress is being made with CM. Those nightly builds are...
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    Post [ROM][32a][32b][3.22][Froyo] CM6-Minimou-final (09/04/2010)

    I can reproduce every error. Despite that this is the most stable rom I've been flashing these days, great job! Keep up the good work, waiting for the next release ;)
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    Post [ROM] [v1.9] [FASTEST] [STABLE] KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 {4/9/10 1:51 pm PST}

    Anybody else having trouble with SU permissions? Can't see the allow / deny buttons and the programm freezes? currently running version 1.7 as we speak! EDIT: never mind, don't know what the hickup was but after I enabled debugging and tried it again it worked like a charm :) Anything else is...