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    Post Phone dies now around 10% ?

    Yes I had this problem with my Galaxy A5 2016 and now with my Galaxy S9... Never go under 10% if you can't charge within 1 minute or better less. That's why I have a battery case.
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    Post Battery drain with March security update

    For me it's the same? I don't know, I think I have the same ****ty battery runtime. Never over 4 hours screen-on-time. Always somewhere around 3-3.8 hours of Screen-on-Time. BUT they updated the camera, it's now much better, and the new portait option is also good.
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    Post Best Galaxy S9 cases

    I also went for the Spigen Liquid Air. It's a good case. Not tooooo thicc but enough to withstand all drops and stuff. I like it. Costs just 10,10€ on amazon for me.
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    Post Overall love

    Heck, It's cool phone yo! It's really good, battery is a tini little bit sketchy but still ok even on non +. Cool Cool phone 11/10
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    Post Speakerphone (loudness, clarity)

    Is cool The sound is really good. It's not the best I think, there are others with more bass? But the epicness is enough for me. Watching Anime battles or WHATEVER you want is really cool with dolby. And it's really loud. 9/11
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    Post Quality feel (use of materials)

    I have case but still lol Build quality is really good. When I take it out of my case its just porn for my hands lul. No flaws. Speakers are awesome for watching stuff and music. 10/10
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    Post [KERNEL][G800F][EXYNOS] TardisKern G800F Ultimate. OC and tweaks kernel

    I've 5.1.1. Stock does it work? Does the Kernel work with Odin?? I have currently installed Android 5.1.1. Stock and ask if the Odin boot.tar.md5 will work??
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    Thread Flashing S5 mini with official android 5 image FAILED!!!!

    I wanted to "install" android 5 on my s5 mini with Odin. But Odin has failed and now I need help, because when I switch on my phone it only shows a screen with the text "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again" My Odin says the same as his one -->...