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    Post [MODULE] Energized ⚡ Protection - ÉCLAIRS - Magisk

    It's working on 11
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    Post [MODULE] Energized ⚡ Protection - ÉCLAIRS - Magisk

    This is updated for Android 11 btw. If anyone was still waiting for it
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    Post 🔥 [APP][5.0+] Awaker 2.0 - The #1 Most Advanced Screen Manager ** PROMO CODES **

    If you have a key left id love to try it out. Right now I'm using kinscreen so it'd be nice to compare the two
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    Post [MODULE] Energized ⚡ Protection - ÉCLAIRS - Magisk

    Guess we wait for an update. I haven't found a way to update hosts without using terminal yet however I'm sure there is a way
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    Post [MODULE] Energized ⚡ Protection - ÉCLAIRS - Magisk

    There a workaround for updating host list without the modules since it isn't updated for magisk 21 yet?
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    Post [Stock/Rooted Boot Images] Pixel 4a [NOV 02]

    Also looking for instructions on updating. I'm in beta channel right now with magisk 21, but can switch back to canary if it's a must
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    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    When I try and install noroot version, vanced manager doesn't refresh and show microG as being installed so clicking install next to youtube vanced never works as it keeps saying I need to install microG first
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    Post [MODULE] Fullscreen/Immersive Gestures tweaks for Android 10-12

    Would it be possible to add an option to hide the navbar on A11 so we could use third party gestures app without interference from the stock gestures?
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    Post [Module][P/Q/R][] QuickSwitch - Universal Quickstep Switcher

    Which version of hyperion launcher is needed? Currently have beta play store version and have tried several from github but can't seem to find the right one. Or maybe it's an Android 11 thing? Because even the q merge lawnchair v2 that I used on android 10 didn't work Edit nevermind...
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    Post [APP] [PORT] [MODDED] [10+] ONEPLUS launcher 4.6.5 [NEW UPDATE]

    Ok I figured that was the reason. Seeing 10/11 in op and op's ss from 11 I thought it might be compatible. Thank you
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    Post [APP] [PORT] [MODDED] [10+] ONEPLUS launcher 4.6.5 [NEW UPDATE]

    i'm on android 11 rooted with magisk. When I try to flash the zip I get a failed message that says "Your system API of 30 is greater than the maximum API of 29. Aborting!" Unless I missunderstand, this port should work on rooted phones not running a rom no?
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    Post [KERNEL][SUNFISH][09 Sep] HolyDragon Kernel [10/STABLE][11/STABLE]

    ok. then it just doesn't work then in FK. right now my phone says e66b0bf3 (20425) and MM version 2eb00187(299) which yes, does give me root on android 11. I only mentioned going back to stable because it was an answer to a question I had in another thread. I was under the impression that after...
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    Post [KERNEL][SUNFISH][09 Sep] HolyDragon Kernel [10/STABLE][11/STABLE]

    1.1 was a no go also. I think its because i'm still in canary channel for magisk. If i try to switch to stable i just bootloop until I reflash the rooted boot.img
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock/Root/Safetynet for Pixel 4a

    same thing happend to me too. tried to switch from canary to stable and got bootlooped. had to reflash the root boot.img. When doing the root process I didn't flash the root image to both slot a and b, only to the active slot. so i wonder if that might be why it bootlooped when trying to switch...