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    Post Poco X2 Estimated Battery Capacity by Accubattery

    I easily get 8 hours + SOT with gaming. I play cod and pubg extensively.
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    Post carrier aggregation

    What screenshot do you need? I'm not a noob. Carrier aggregation is available in Poco x2.
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    Post carrier aggregation

    Yes it supports. I get 4g+ in India on jio network.
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    Post Anyone working on development (DT and vendor)?

    Is this bootloader unlocking issue new? Because I used many redmi note series devices and they have a great development going on. My question is that this issue started in New devices released by Xiaomi recently?
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    Post Not a shadow of HDR on Netflix!

    Stop spreading false information. Unless they unable Widewine L1 we won't be able to use HD or HDR. Hardware definitely supports HDR.
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro Terrible Battery Draining

    I have played cod for more than an hour and it never drained 30%. Maybe you have some issues. I have done extensive gaming yesterday and I got 9 hours and 30 mins SOT. I'm more than happy with this because I played cod,pubg and clash of clan.
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    Post Wifi calling feature

    I have jio and now after connecting to WiFi I get WiFi calling icon. So yes it's working and no need for engineering mode. It's there in the network settings itself.
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro Screen Calibration (warm temperature)

    Thanks a different thing topic and not related to this.
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    Post Redmi Note 8 pro Netflix can't play HD content.

    It is not related to mediatek. Chipset issue doesn't happen here. It's miui bug which they have to fix from their side. First try to know what is widevine.
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    Post impossible to disable night shift

    I had the same issue. This happens because your previous device had night light activated. When you added and sync your device all the device setting got transferred. Miui doesn't allow us to use the native Night light setting even though it's already present because of Android. You have to...
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    Post display sharpness increase when using YouTube app

    Look at both the pics with open eyes, MKBHD looks better on Redmi Note 8 pro, his pores are even visible, his every facial features are clearly visible on RN8pro and compare that with PC, lacks details and looks dull. I don't know why you won't acknowledge that.
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    Post display sharpness increase when using YouTube app

    Thanks for the Swift action on my report.
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    Post Future Development

    I don't understand this. If you get in first try, it's a problem. If you don't get in first try, it's a problem. Xiaomi is bad, they use this trick and so many complains. If you getting in first try is equal to bad sales then you are outstanding analyst. ??
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    Post Confirm this has QC3.0?

    Welcome and press the thanks button if helpful.
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    Post Future Development

    If that's true then how are people finding it difficult to buy it still? XDA has sent RN8pro devices to many developers. Have patience and development will happen. Sources are also released already.