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    Thread [Oreo][8.1.0] Havoc OS

    [Oreo][8.1.0] Havoc OS Very many settings for customization. Work: - Bluetooth (A2DP too) - RIL -Sound - Wifi - LED - Native brightness - Magisk modules - OMX - Camera - Video encoding (4k) - ... all - IR (LeeRemote) - Stable - 5ghz Wifi Not work: - Tell me Download: AIO (All in One) - Gapps...
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    Post [Oreo][8.1.0]Lineage OS 15.1

    I can try port stock camera from LOS 14.1
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    Thread [Oreo][8.1.0]Lineage OS 15.1

    [Oreo][8.1.0]Lineage OS 15.1 C103/C106/Leree Work: - Bluetooth (A2DP too) - RIL - Wifi - LED - Native brightness - Magisk modules - OMX - Camera - Video encoding (4k) - ... all - IR (LeeRemote) - Stable Not work: - Tell me Download Camera 2 API Fix MOD Edit :- Links Removed you need turn...
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    Post [C103/Leree][Oreo][Android 8.0.0] JUI

    You need JUI partitions, and then isntall twrp and install from twrp this ROM
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    Post [C103/Leree][Oreo][Android 8.0.0] JUI

    Yes, install JUI via coolpad assistant
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    Post [Kernel][Oreo/Nougat] StockPatched

    I will make Los 15.1 as soon as possible
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    Thread [Kernel][Oreo/Nougat] StockPatched

    [Kernel][Oreo/Nougat] StockPatched Work's on Nougat and JUI Fetature: - Oreo support - Cpuqiet - Working magisk - IR Work on device where IR not work on JUI - GPU overclocked to 625 mHz Download (Install only on JUI, LOS)
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    Thread [C103/Leree][Oreo][Android 8.0.0] JUI

    [Oreo][Android 8.0.0] JUI Work: - All Not work: - Nothing Video: Screenshots: Download and install (Only on JUI) 1.Wipe data/ Install zip from TWRP V4: -IR Fixed -Selinux Permissive
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    Post [C103/106][0x04] Linage OS 14.1

    Only after install JUI, i can not start Android7 on EUI kernel.
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    Post [C103/106][0x04] Linage OS 14.1

    Update v4.1 Changelog: - Stock camera patch - fix Wifi save state bug - fix WifiAPbug (after Wifi AP , could not connect to wifi) - PowerSave native android mode (work two cores from little cluster) - fix Noize in mic
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    Post [C103/106][0x04] Linage OS 14.1

    Stock camera work but you need restore titanium backup. Dark google camera its not bug of firmware. If you restore Camera backup you can record video on stock camera. (Stock camera SLR work, but after capture...
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    Thread [C103/106][0x04] Linage OS 14.1

    [C103/106][0x04] Linage OS 14.1 It's ROM made for 0x04 revision of our device. You can try to install on other revision, but all tested only at 0x04. (C103 Sound work) I am using universal sound libs, sound should work on r116 c106 c103, but not tested. You need installed JUI and twrp for...
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    Thread [PATCH][IR][EUI] IR for custom's Apps

    [PATCH][IR][EUI] IR for custom's Apps With this Xposed module you can use your IR with all custom programms. (Android Consumer API) I found Xposed module, but it'n not working on our device, because STOCK EUI has two SDK's apps. I rebuild Xposed module with right name of used SDK. Now its...