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    Thread How do i fix broken button solders joints? (Reviving a dead Nexus 5X with baking)

    Hi forum, a friend of mine gave me his completely dead Nexus 5X (no important data) and i wanted to see if i can revive it. I baked it in an oven according to information online and now at least it charges properly but i think i burned the (power) button solder joints. (Summary) With dead phone...
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    Thread AOD notification icons on Nougat missing

    (Solved) Hi forums, I've recently successfully flashed Nougat for my A3 2017 (FL) and also switched to Magisk from SuperSu. Almost everything is working better now, except that I'm missing the notification icons on the Always-On-Display. Any ideas why they're missing? I currently don't have any...
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    Post A3 - USB TYPE-C to 3.5 mm jack

    You don't need Xposed for V4A, search for Viper on this forum and you'll find a thread with a reply by me for more info. Can't post the link RN bc i'm on the go.
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    Post A320FL viper4android

    Got it working! I used V4A Enforcing patch from this post for the A5 2016 and it works for me (stock rooted Android 6, TWRP) and i also got xposed working (thread here). Unfortunately V4A kicks in very late so there is an annoying dip when scrubbing in Spotify. Maybe this will improve when there...
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    Post [Xposed 3.1][SM-A320FL] Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 | Confirmed working on stock 6.0.1

    To be honest i flashed 32 bit xposed because i searched for the phones architecture and found 32 bit but that must be a misinformation. I'm surprised now that it's working on my phone! Thanks for mentioning this, if you have time feel free to safely try out both versions and report back what's...
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    Thread [Xposed 3.1][SM-A320FL] Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 | Confirmed working on stock 6.0.1

    (All credit goes to wanam for providing Xposed for TouchWiz roms) I am not sure if this needs a thread but since i was searching for this information i'm making one for the Xposed fans with an A3 2017. Because i don't have enough time to test more configurations i can't say if this will or...
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    Post A320FL viper4android

    It installed fine for me and driver status reports positive but its not working. With Spotify the sound drops for like two seconds when seeking like its trying to initiate the sound engine and then crashing and reverting to default. Id like to know how you got xposed to work though!
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    Post Looking for an actual root-method for amami 5.1.1 Lollipop

    Once you got yourself TWRP 3 running you have a lot of options to choose from. I've been modding my Z1C for two years now and i'm positive that for normal usage AOSP roms don't make the cut, there have been multiple occasions with AOSP / CM roms where i had bugs with latest YouTube app versions...
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    Post bricked s6edge+???

    you're stuck in a bootloop. this can happen because of rooting errors, crashes or corrupt memory. to fix a bootloop, you need to provide more information about your phone: is it rooted/custom ROM? what did you do/change before the bootloop happened? does the phone contain valueable data that...
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    Post Three word story

    The presidential debate...
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    Thread Installing ROM without included kernel & recovery

    Hello forum, i'm currently trying to find the best software solution for my Xperia Z1 Compact and i already got close to what's possible. I found this ROM which is working almost perfectly except that it overrides the recovery with a dual recovery with an older TWRP version which prevents me...
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    Post [ROM][Z1C][5.1.1][LB/UB][.236]|X Features|Mx ROM|V8.5.0|☆Best Battery|☆[23/7/2016]☆

    Hi everyone, i've been looking for the 'perfect' Z1C software solution for some months now and tried various AOSP and CM based roms which all didn't work that well except CM12.1 (but it also had it's small problems), so i decided to go back to semi-stock with this ROM. Absolutely great...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] CM 13 + AOSP kernel for amami [2016-10-07]

    Used it for a day. Performance wise the best MM rom i've tried so far, the only real lag-free MM rom. But as a price the camera is pretty much completely broken or has horrible (50$ smartphone front camera) quality on the backface camera... I flashed everything clean twice, no idea why this...
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    Post [REQUEST][PAID] 60fps / 4k / HFPS camera mod for CM / Resurrection Remix 5.1

    this one? edit: searched /system/ for "libmmcamera_imx" using solid explorer in root mode with no results.
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    Post [REQUEST][PAID] 60fps / 4k / HFPS camera mod for CM / Resurrection Remix 5.1

    The exact file doesn't exist. I've attached an archive with all files starting with libmmcamera.