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  • Hola, vives en dominicana o fuera del pais, te lo pregunto por el tema del 3G y las empresas de comunicacion aca (claro, Orange, Viva)...... creo que ninguna de ellas trabaja las frecuencias de 3g del G1, o es que hay que configurar algo especial para lograr esas velocidades?....
    Hello. I have the same problem stucking on t-mobile G1 logo.
    I updated spl before radio.
    Do you know how can I fix it?
    Please help me.
    ok so I got it figured out ... it verifies and installs now .. BUT after I set it up the home screen is BLACK with the pull down bar. cant get into menus, call log, .. NOTHING except for the pull down bar. Something wrong with the AndroidManifest file or something? have you heard about this happening before?
    update: I have found that the path to the update script is meta-inf/com/google/android/update-script

    I read somewhere
    that the OTATOOl may be to blame and they did not include the google folder and left it as meta-inf/com/android/update-script

    So i tried to take out the google folder and still get that cant find update script
    oh and I am using the auto sign tool and windows xp. downloaded all the java and so fourth and got the paths and class just fine. i dont see any error messages about the sign process.
    Hey I got a question about your info thread about signing update/apk for that home auto rotate. I am using the JF1.51MOD from lucid REM`s page and I have added the manifest file and also have added the HTC_IME and some other .os file for the HTC_IME. I have resigned ALL the apk files. I take that and then make that into a .zip file and I resign that. I rename it to update and flash the phone. I get "verifying update package" and then I get "installing update" and right after that I get a "E: cant find update script installation aborted" what is this and how do I fix it? any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!
    I'm new at this. to apply one of your themes, do load to sd as "update" and boot in recovery alt s or something totally different?
    hi, I'm trying to make my own theme and was wondering how do you take off the black background of a .png image to just get the picture.
    haha, theres actually a couple people from b20 here!!! It is very suprising lol, i need a white G1 in my life!!! i love my cupcaked/A2SD black one right now though, extended battery makes it a brick though!!! Hows the DC2 my dude?!
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