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Recent content by SirBerrington

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    Post [MOD][Xposed] XGPM - Google Play Music mods

    You are the best dude this module is great
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    Post [MOD][2.3+] Remove "Downloaded Only" banner from Play Music (PMDOR)

    Hey man just a heads up that the update to GPM today broke your module, hope you can fix it. By far my most favorite module.
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    Post [ROM][Vzw] 12/03 | ViperOneM8 5.0.2 ◦ Tweaks, HUB, IconPacks, Themes, OTAs and more

    So I recently installed 4.3.0 Vzw to my M8 and everything is working well except the swipe down motion gesture isn't working. It isn't detecting a swipe at all but it is for every other direction (double tap, swipe up, left, and right). Is there any way to fix this. I have tried it with and...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    Hey DH, ever since I got back from a trip to Costa Rica, my phone would say it had no service no matter where I went. I was able to fix that with the LTE On/Off app but now I do not have LTE. I suspected a corrupt NV partition so I flashed the 5.0.1 RUU with stock recovery and the did a factory...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    4/19 still not booting for me. Stuck on DH logo on dirty flash ---------- Post added at 04:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:51 AM ---------- I think it's bootlooping, same thing happened last update
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    So is this a system issue that Hangouts isn't compatible with? Would you be able to get it working with something like Google Messenger?
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    I would LOVE to see this integrated. All I get is low quality 30kb pictures. None of those flashable zips work on this ROM sadly
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    Post [MOD] Kitkat/Lollipop AOSP Roms Low Quality/Resolution MMS Fix

    Ever make any progress on the GPe 5.0 rom?
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    GPS Broken Is GPS broken for anybody else? It has been broken for a while and VZW Lolllipop firmware hasn't fixed it. I'm on the latest ROM version. I've tried everything but it just can't ever seem to get a lock
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    Post [APP]Sense 6 and 7 Camera and Gallery for ANY M8 ROM [3/18/15]

    Any chance of getting the Sense 7 camera?
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    Post [Q] Push Notification Issues

    It is most likely a ROM issue, firmware shouldn't effect is. Maybe make a backup of your current ROM and do a factory reset to see if that fixes the problem
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    Post [Q] SD-EXT on lollipop not working?

    Just format it on your PC, pop it back into your phone and you should be good to go.
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    Post [Q&A/OT] •ᴥ• GPE •ᴥ• Android Lollipop •ᴥ• MULTICARRIER •ᴥ•

    GPS not working Has anybody else had problems not being able to get a PGS lock? I have tried restarting, reflashing firmware and radios, and changing ROM versions, but this has persisted for what seems like ever since Lollipop came out. Anybody know of any fixes?
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    Post [q] htc m8 verizon update lolipop

    Maybe contacting Verizon and giving them your IMEI to push you the update