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  • I got it man!!! looks sweeeeeeeet.

    ill post a pic for u later. the wallpaper paired with my clock is awesome.
    Hi Sir Phunk. Tried the keyboard config app and still no dice with fixing the vol up/down buttons on the side of my TP2. Any other thoughts? Post transcript below.

    Thanks again - Matt

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    Hey SirPhunk,

    Thanks for your time and the very detailed breakdown. I was able to install the app and run it, but no luck re-assigning the buttons :-/. Tried re-assigning vol-up button to vol-up and vol-down button to vol-down, but no change. To test, I also re-assigned the "up" key on my flip-out keyboard to "volume-up" and still no dice. Made sure to save the registry after each change and tried with and w/o soft resets after the changes. The vol-up and vol-down buttons still just scroll up/down on the screen and up button on keybard still just scrolls up as well.

    I saw what you meant about other functions for this program, just not sure which to try next in order to fix this issue. Thank you again.
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