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    Thread Main Camera Sensor Brand

    Hi, I just want to know the camera maker and model on Nokia 7.2. Is it Sony IMX or some other manufacturer?
  2. sixline

    Post Galaxy S10e battery *really* that bad?

    No affect on vibration for me
  3. sixline

    Post Galaxy S10e battery *really* that bad?

    I have reset my phone and after resetting I have removed most of the samsung apps and never signed into samsung account. Just using google apps only. The battery is better now but still up to 4.30 hrs of screen on time.
  4. sixline

    Post S10E stand-by battery drain. Let's get on top of this.

    Default camera app will be uninstalled. You should put warning regarding that.
  5. sixline

    Post Bloatware remover for | Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F)

    Hi, thanks for the guide. I have somehow removed samsung edgepanel from my device. I want to reinstall it but I cannot find the package name for it. By googling I entered following command but it is giving me error: beyond0:/ $ cmd package install-existing com.cnn.mobile.android.phone.edgepanel...
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    Post Galaxy S10e battery *really* that bad?

    For me it has gotten worst after september update. Just below 3 hrs SOT:confused:
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    Post [ROM] [AOSP Pie] [2019-08-25] Phh-Treble

    No as I have heard. The knox fuse is a physical fuse which can never be reset so these apps will not work.
  8. sixline

    Post Photo quality

    Can you upload original image files for the comparison on gdrive and post link here?
  9. sixline

    Post [APP][5.0+][BETA] Island - app freezing, privacy protection, parallel accounts

    Whatsapp notifications not working Hi, I am mainly using island for dual whatsapp but I am not getting notification for new whatsapp messages. When I open the app then there is new message which means messages are arriving timely but I do not get any notification. I have checked settings and...
  10. sixline

    Post Photo quality

    Open Cam latest version from Google Play Store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.opencamera
  11. sixline

    Post Photo quality

    Haven't checked gcam yet. Have installed it but it sometimes crashes.
  12. sixline

    Post Overall speed

    It is smooth in day to day use. Well optimised.
  13. sixline

    Post "Look" of the device (aesthetics)

    Beautiful but heavy, i wish it didn't have glass back as i dislike the glass on the back.
  14. sixline

    Post Overall love

    This phone is a steal at its price point, android 1, great camera, great performance except for gaming which I haven't checked, good speaker and signal strength.
  15. sixline

    Post Photo quality

    Once again two photos of same scene, first from stock camera and 2nd from open camera. Open camera has captured more details. Also, size of a photo file from stock app is around 4 mb and that of open camera app is more than 8 mb, 11 mb in this case.