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  • Hi, sk806- I hope you had your hd back.
    I don´t know if i send you this post before . Soory if its double. I had your translucent blue and that´s excellent. But the stock tab now doesn´t work. In the middle I only see the background. Do you have a solution for that ?
    Sorry for my english, please.

    Kind regards
    topaz rom from laurentius2.2 TFlow 2.0.37889
    Hi sk806,

    I love your translucent themes especially the red one. I have a problem with the red one, the keypad does not show when making or receiving calls is here a solution to this.

    Thanks J
    Hi There

    I noticed in the screenshots of your "blue" theme that you got very nice icons in your taskbar.

    Where can I find them?
    They have always been blue on mine...I wonder what happened with yours? Anyway, glad you got it fixed.
    Now I have another little thing ...

    What about the sms and email indicator ?

    Is it possible to change it into blue as well ?
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