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    Post Question LineageOS ?

    @JazonX, @aakashgt, and others Many custom ROM distributions offer official GSI targets. You can also opt for unofficial builds. You can flash most of them through the Fastboot interface; a custom recovery like TWRP is not a mandatory prerequisite. If you want to fiddle with GSIs on your...
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    Post General [OneUI 5 Beta] (Snapdragon) Galaxy S22/S22+/S22 Ultra OneUI 5.0 Beta Thread

    @P-KAY 2323 @emiliauh captured the AVF7 to ZVH4 beta link for the US unlocked Galaxy S22 (SM-S901U1). === I, on behalf of the portal team, also maintain a dedicated repo for One UI 5/Android 13 for Samsung Galaxy devices. If you guys tag me after capturing any new beta URL, it would be...
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    Post General [Phone(1)][ROM][OTA][Nothing OS] Repo of Nothing OS - Update: 04-08-2022

    @fmotta61 The (full) firmware links in the aforementioned XDA Portal article correspond to Nothing OS 1.1.2, not 1.1.0. In case you have any difficulty following Nothing's OTA rollouts, do take a look at our dedicated Nothing Phone 1 Update Tracker. It contains both full and incremental OTA links.
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    Post Question Noob trying to Root

    @Puffnstuf The fifth character from the right end of the build number is the bootloader version. For example, the latest available firmware for the SM-G998U1 model is G998U1UES5CVF5. Its bootloader version is v5. There is no known way to downgrade the bootloader version. You may start...
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    Post Question Noob trying to Root

    @Puffnstuf You have the Galaxy S21 Ultra's US carrier unlocked variant (U1). Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't allow unlocking the bootloader of US and Canadian Galaxy devices. There exists an unofficial bootloader unlock method, but you can only use it if your Galaxy S21 is on the v1 bootloader...
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    Post Question Odin won't flash anything other than latest CVDD firmware.

    Yes, there's no known way to do so.
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    Post Question Odin won't flash anything other than latest CVDD firmware.

    @palamosteliaro The CVDD firmware for the Exynos Samsung Galaxy S21 series increments the underlying bootloader version to v5. As a result, you can't flash an older firmware with a lower bootloader version anymore. Regarding downgrading to Android 11, the final Android 11 firmware (AUJ7 for...
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    Post How To Guide Guide: Unbrick Pixel 6 Oriele or Pixel 6 Pro "Raven"

    @pierre383 Have you recovered any Pixel 6/6 Pro unit in real life yet using this procedure? If so, then kindly post a more elaborate guide so that we can cover it for the portal. === AFAIK, a hard-bricked Google Silicon device (e.g. the Pixel 6/6 Pro) by default exposes a serial interface...
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    Post Question why there is no moto edge S30?

    @Legza While the sub-forum is about the Moto Edge X30, the OP asked for the Moto Edge S30. This is the reason why you can find a reference of the Moto G200 in the previous post.
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    Post Moto G Pure Bootloader

    @Biggitybaked The model you have (XT2163-6) is the AT&T variant of the Moto G Pure. The carrier doesn't allow unlocking the bootloader. With that said, you can give an unofficial MediaTek reverse engineering tool named MTKClient a try. Only proceed if you know what you're doing.
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    Post Question why there is no moto edge S30?

    Partially correct. The Moto G200 is the global variant of the Motorola Edge S30.
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    Post Learning to root my old Galaxy S4

    Yes, that's correct.
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    Post Learning to root my old Galaxy S4

    @jf80dEf The Samsung Galaxy S4 variant you have is from AT&T (model number SGH-I337) and it's running the final software release (OK3). For this model, you need to downgrade to a lower firmware (NB1) and achieve root access by exploiting the vulnerability formally known as CVE-2014-3153. More...
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    Post Need help with OnePlus 8T rawprogram.xml & patch.xml

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    Post Google Pixel 4 and 4XL firehose

    @r1pp3d2 Possible to disclose the source? Do you have your hands on the full EDL firmware for the Pixel 4 (XL)? Since you posted in the brick thread, did you actually manage to resurrect your phone? Any chance of getting the firehose files for the other Pixel smartphones?