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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    I had the same issue, it looks like Sky are blocking it working on the FireTV. I wonder if there is a way for the box to report itself as something other than a FireTV.
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    Post Fire TV/Stick: Kodi on Home Screen (No Hacks no Image Replacements) Easy!

    This is really cool. You an infact do this with any app that you have side loaded that is available from the Amazon App Store.
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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    How do you remove root from a pre-rooted image? I can't seem to uninstall SU.
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    Post [Q] returning to stock

    I am interested in this also? Or is there a way to remove SU from a pre-rooted image?
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    Thread [Q] Hide On-screen Keyboard

    Is there a way to hide the on-screen board when using a Bluetooth keyboard?
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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    Thank-you, I will give this ago. ---------- Post added at 04:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:39 PM ---------- How did you extract the NOW TV icon? Was this from the APK?
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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    How did you change the icon? I can get the app in the recents but cannot change the icon,
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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    I just unrooted mine to get it working, didn't really ever take advantage of the root anyway. It is now working great on both the Fire TV and Fire Stick.
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    Post Sky Go Now Working on AFTV!

    How are you guys hiding your root as I get the error Sky Go is not supported on rooted android devices?
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    Post [Q] Sky Go on AFTV

    So you have Skygo working on your firetv? Is your fire TV rooted? Did you have to hide the root?
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    Post Show Box App

    Fire TV Stick & ShowBox Show box works fine on the Fire TV, but has a lot of buffering issues with the Fire Stick, has anyone else experienced this?
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    Post [Q] Sky Go on AFTV

    Did you try Market Helper? Does that work?
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    Thread [Q] Watch-ESPN stopped working

    I tried to change the provider in WatchESPN and how I can never get it to go past the first screen. The waiting circle goes around and around and in the end comes back with an error about the network, even though I now that is not the issue as everything else works perfectly. I think it has...
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    Post How move some zip file go into amazon fire tv

    You need to use the push command to send the file over.
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    Post Compatible Apps

    Was iplayer with HD video? Which version did you use? Also what version of the APK did you use for CNN?