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    Thread SM-T350 Need help creating a recovery SD card

    Hi, I'm trying to create a recovery SD card for my hard bricked SM-T350 and was hoping for some help. As mentioned, my Tab is HARD bricked (no power, no recovery, no dl mode, no charging icon even if left overnight to charge) and I would like to make an SD card to revive it. I know the best...
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    Post [GUIDE][9008][EDL|QDL][QUALCOMM ONLY] Unbrick via external sdcard (no QFIL!)

    Would this method work for a Samsung SM-T350? It seems like it should work as it is in QDL 9008 mode, but I get stuck at creating the GPT on the SD card (my firmware files don't contain a PrimaryGPT.gpt file). I do have a partitions.xml file for my tablet. Is there any way to use this to create...
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    Thread SM-T350 won't power on after adb mistake

    I have a T350 tablet that I was attempting to fix E: failed to mount /efs error using adb I think the instructions I was following might have had an error, or maybe my device is just extra messed up, but when I tried to reboot, the tablet won't turn on. I've tried the Power + Volume Down...
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    Post [JazzROM - V5.0 New Update!!!] [Stock Base] Galaxy Tab A SM-T350/T550-Nougat 7.1.1

    I was able to install the ROM (thank you for providing it) and I was able to apply the wifi fix, but I'm having a weird issue with reconnecting to wifi on reboot. The tablet connects to the network initially, but when I reboot, I get an authentication error when it tries to connect...
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    Thread SM-T350 Wifi Authentication Error on Reboot with Stock Firmware (Lollipop and Nougat)

    Hey all, I'm having issues with my tablet (SM-T350) reconnecting to any wifi networks on reboot or turning wifi off and on. I had previously flashed custom firmware (Lineage OS) and found it to be too unreliable (crashing, etc.), so I decided to flash the stock firmware back onto it. But now...
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    Post Galaxy Tab A 8 (SM-T350) stuck on boot loop after trying to recover stock firmware

    I did and I have been restoring it. So far, this is what I've attempted: Flash TWRP (twrp_3.1.0-1_sm-t350_18317.tar using Odin3 v3.10) Reboot into recovery Wipe everything from tablet Format tablet Reboot into download mode Flash stock image with Odin Reboot into recovery Wipe dalvik cache...
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    Post Galaxy Tab A 8 (SM-T350) stuck on boot loop after trying to recover stock firmware

    I've tried leaving it for a few hours in hopes that it would boot, but unfortunately it stays stuck on the logo. Is there a way to check where or why it's getting hung up?
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    Post Galaxy Tab A 8 (SM-T350) stuck on boot loop after trying to recover stock firmware

    Thanks for the reply ashyx. I've done two of the three things you suggested. I've tried returning it to stock using an image matching my exact model, and I've tried disabling dmverity. I've also tried rooting it but using a method other than magisk. The flash seems to go well enough, but then...
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    Thread Galaxy Tab A 8 (SM-T350) stuck on boot loop after trying to recover stock firmware

    Hey folks. I'm hitting a brick wall trying to figure out this issue and I'm hoping someone will know how to fix this. I have a Galaxy Tab A 8 (SM-T350) that I rooted and successfully flashed with first crDroid, then Lineage (both Android 9.0) using TWRP. I had made a backup before attempting...