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    Post Question Pixel 6 Pro screen protector

    I echo this review. Easiest LOCA assembly I've ever done, including Whitestone and AMFilm. FPS works just as well as without any protector. No extra glue seeping out from under glass. Hopefully it holds up.
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    Post General Horrible battery life fix

    Fi allows you to disable 5g, but you have to be in "Safe Mode" to do it.
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    Post Question Multiple restarts

    I had the exact same issue and it was only solved by getting the device replaced. I found the replacement device worked better in all respects, not just solving the reboot problem. Just get a replacement!
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    Post Question Random reboots

    Final report: Received new P6P Tuesday afternoon and am almost 48 hours in now. ZERO random reboots. Did a cabled app/data transfer from my Pixel 5. Also, the battery life is much better and it just seems to be faster overall, although that could be a placebo effect. At any rate, initial...
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    Post Question Random reboots

    My replacement P6P arrives today. Keeping my fingers firmly crossed this ends my reboot problem.
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    Post Question Random reboots

    Update: I'm noticing I get a bunch of reboots after I install a new app or change any settings, then it's ok until the next time I change/add something. Still feels like it's software related. I'm still supposed to get a replacement but it hasn't shipped yet. I'll probably go ahead swap...
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    Post Question Random reboots

    Sounds like what mine was doing. I didn't have any reboots since Saturday, then it did it three times today. This still feels like a software issue, but I will likely exchange it for the new one (which hasn't shipped yet and was supposed to be here yesterday!)
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    Post Question Random reboots

    Ok, so after rebooting many times Friday, my 6 pro has not rebooted on its own since Saturday morning. Since hardware does not heal itself, it seems an update of an app or some of the stuff that Google updates without telling us fixed the problem. Have any of you who were experiencing similar...
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    Post Question Random reboots

    They offered 2 choices. They can put a hold/authorize on my card and send new one, then I return old one once I get it. Or I just send the old one back and wait for the replacement.
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    Post Question Random reboots

    I used a cable to set up my 6 pro, but after the reboots I did a factory reset and left it with factory apps only, and it still randomly rebooted. Starting to get worried now that there are several more folks with the same issue.
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    Post Question Random reboots

    They told me 3-5 business days to get a replacement. I expect mine early next week.
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    Post Question Random reboots

    I had the November update and all apps had been updated as well. It would freeze and then reboot. I did a factory reset and did not restore any of my apps, just ran it with the factory apps, and it still did it. Since no one else is having the issue, I'm feeling confident it was a bad unit. I...
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    Thread Question Random reboots

    Well, I had the 6 Pro for about 36 hours. It kept rebooting randomly, even after a factory reset, so it's going back for an exchange. Has anyone else had this issue?
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    Post General First impressions - not great

    If on AT&T, you do not get to choose between 4g lte or 5g. The option is not available. AT&T forces you onto 5g.
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    Post Question Anyone had their Pixel 6 shipped?

    I writing this on mine.... Came this morning.