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  • Hi!
    Since today I'm using your "myLocation"!
    It's a very handy program, can't wait for the "myConfiguration",
    Do u use Twitter for updates on your status?
    Please let me know your nick!
    A2DP fix won't work on a Tilt 2 due to the Widcomm BT stack it uses. Linespeed is your best bet for improving sound quality on this stack. I'm surprised you're not noticing any differences.
    I was wondering if u could provide any assistance with bluetooth quality on my phone. I'm looking for audio quality mostly for talking not for stereo music quality, but improvements in both would be great. I can across a thread where you posted a I was wondering if this cab would work for A Rhodium (AttTilt 2) phone as well. I was considering using your as well as the following reg tweaks:

    "Blocks"=dword: 4
    "SubBands"=dword: 8
    "LineSpeed"=dword: 100 (or 192 or 256 or 300........I tried 320 without the blocks or subbands tweak & it didn't do anything)

    Any suggestions you could give would be greatly specs are below:

    Hardware: HTC Tilt 2 (AT&T)
    ROM: ★ Josh's PerfectBlack v1.8(Test) Standard
    ★ Jan 28th ★ Manila 2.1 (23518 Build) ★
    SPL: Hard SPL 0.85
    Security Unlocked
    Sim Unlocked

    Bluetooth Headset: Blueant Q1(Firmware v8.19)
    after getting a fresh .... perspective, i once again looked through my registry and found what i was looking for i believe. although it seems i have 3 entries that could each be assumed to refer to motweets. it's freakish man and i don't like it. i've got "pano/motweets ; pano/mt2" -- and ;panoramic/ panomotweets" . it's got me man. it's got me stumped. :(
    hey slueth, just wondering if you could point me towards the registry locations for individual programs setttings. such as the individual settings for my rss program, or for twitter. (forgive me if i'm missing something blatantly obvious, i think i'm cursed) thanks in advance for any help btw :)
    Hi Sleuth 255
    I have read through thousands of lines of posts and so far have not found a solution to my problem.

    I have a HTC Touch Pro 2 and the sennheiser MM 200 BT wireless headphones. The sound quality is quite poor and had almost zero bass.

    The phone has the Widcomm BT stack and most of the tweaks seem to be for Microsoft stack.

    Do you know of a tweak to get better sound quality?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    I used your rom on my xv6900 but now moving over to AT&T to an unlocked HTC Touch 3G no-clone I hope (its on the way) are you doing any rom development in that area. Just thought to check. leslie
    Hi Sluth, I just needed to confirm that aside from the SIP/ VOIP Solution that was made for Windows 6.1, have you made any solution for Win 6.5. Is there any way of Making a similar kind of SIP tool in Xperia which is available in Nokia E series in which you can also go and enter you Access point settings for wireless network.

    The ROM I am currently using is the windows 6.5 version 1.01.W4X.23
    from this thread (

    I need to make SIP work on the phone without Fring, which I can use on GPRS and WI-fi. Where I can received and make calls. The best I ever got with the Windows 6.1 Rom was that I could make call with the SIP function but only on WI-Fi. Was able to get the " Available" display on the phone. The call used to go out but the other person could never hear me. I used the files in this zip file " destr0_VOIP_WM61___SIP_Config_1.1"

    Can I have a solution ,A rom, a tool ,something to make VOIP WORK for me.
    hey there...was wondering if you were able to help me out with a problem that ive been having...been working on my UC and have gotten pretty good at understanding how to write my sdconfig, xml, and mortscript...but where im having a lot of trouble is getting my bluetooth to be saved when SDConfig doesnt remember my shows them there but i have to repair, not terrible but you know a way to fix this...thanks in advance...also i was wondering if you knew how to write a script or something to auto input my windows live password in for my hotmail account...ive gotten all the rest to work but it doesnt remember my maybe a mortscript to auto launch windows live and auto input the password and then close and delete itself...not sure if what i ask is possible...but maybe you can help or something...again thanks

    Hi Sleuth,

    I noticed you are really into GPS, so I thought I'd ask you- I'm traveling to the US in a couple of weeks and I could really use some good and reasonably priced GPS maps - I am only visiting Boston, so I want to avoid buying a Map of Everything for a zillion bucks just to satisfy my one-week trip needs... Google Maps doesn't apply either - I'll be roaming so no 3G downloading on the go for me.
    By the way, it's worth mentioning I'll be on foot most of the time.

    I'm quite familiar with the crop of software & maps for Europe, but it seems there are quite different players in the US market...
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks ever so much in advance!

    How can I set autorun to run after flash (autorun.exe not sdautorun.exe) I use omnia and cook it with UC but can't not find the way to get autorun start
    Can anyone tell me why DIR %CE1%\HomeScreen PlusPlus\BSBlueClock
    is not created?


    <characteristic type="Install">
    <parm name="InstallPhase" value="install" />
    <parm name="AppName" value="HomeScreen PlusPlus" />
    <parm name="InstallDir" value="%CE1%\HomeScreen PlusPlus\BSBlueClock" translation="install" />
    <parm name="NumDirs" value="3" />
    <characteristic type="FileOperation">
    <characteristic type="%InstallDir%" translation="install">
    <characteristic type="MakeDir" />
    <parm name="WarnIfSkip" />
    Hi Sleuth255

    I have installed WM6VoIP on my HTC S640
    I noticed that once it's installed it's named Sleuth's WM6VoIP so I took a wild guess to ask you if you're the guy behind this program.
    If you're not then you can forget this message, but if you are you might be able to answer my question.
    When I install the Cab file on my device, it installs it with no error but I just can't find the program on my device anywhere. I even installed it on my storage card to find more easily but it's not there either!
    The only place I actually see that it's there is in the Remove programs option. I did a cold reboot but there is still nothing anywhere on the device.
    My ultimate goal is to have VoIP calls working on my phone and I have tried all kinds of programs and nothing seems to work. If you have any idea how to proceed I would really appreciate it!

    Hey Sleuth255
    First id like too say thanks for the great rom this was my first time ever uploading a rom to my to my att tilt 8925 and the rom works great accept two things
    i cant get the lock screen A_C the link does not work and my tom tom does nt work i downloaded the cab tom tom that was on your page and installed it but when i ran it i says i need to choose a voice so i tried and but there was no voice there it says i have to get it from the site which i can proably figure out how to do but if you have a easy way to do this it would be very helpful and the most important thing is that i get a "waiting for vaild gps signal" or "no gps" on my phone i went back to your page and got the remove and restore poxy cabs from your site intsalled the remove cab and tried it again but it still did not work i then tried google maps gps to see if it might be my phone but google maps worked great i restored with the restore cab and that was it can you help me to get my tom tom on my att tilt working .......thanks
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