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Recent content by sliyk

  1. sliyk

    Post Battery habits

    I charge it before going to sleep and let doze do the work. And now I plug it in the car and at work too so minimum cycles are used.
  2. sliyk

    Thread Battery habits

    So what are your battery habits with the 6p? Do you plug it in at night and take it off in the morning? Or do you charge it when it drops dead? Or little charging cycles throughout the day? I have been charging it when it's low. Not leaving it plugged in all night :angel:
  3. sliyk

    Post Nexus 6p warming up

    where did you check these detailed stats from that included temperature? Thanks
  4. sliyk

    Post Defective Units?

    any heating issues during normal browsing on 4g? my phone gets warm when i am doing nothing but browsing on chrome.
  5. sliyk

    Post [All XDA Members] Requests to Moderators and Admins

    Hello! I was wondering if it is possible to change your forum username? I made this account way back and sort of want to refresh the name without making another account, any help will be appreciated!
  6. sliyk

    Thread Nexus 6p warming up

    Hi guys, I got my brand new 6p last week on friday and am in love with it, currently testing out the battery to see how much juice I can get out of it in a normal working day. I have however noted that when i browse using 4g on chrome the phone gets warm, not too hot to hold but get noticeably...
  7. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    the phone came back, it still says knox warranty void but a letter came from Samsung said that there was a problem which has been fixed now! good customer service as far as im concerned :) well lets see how long this lasts, the battery is charging fine for now
  8. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    i sent a message to samsung mobile uk official page on facebook told them about my problem. they gave me a number that i called and after explaiing myself samsung sent me a goody bag to send my phone back to them, and with a short description of what the problem is, they will get back to me i...
  9. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    and im back guys, after buying two new batteries from amazon, they seemed to be charging fine, and now suddenly today the same problem has started, didnt even last a bloody month! im taking this piece of crap to samsung on tuesday, warranty or not getting it sorted once and for all!
  10. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    the anker battery seems to be charging fine, so it seems like a battery issue, however i feel the anker battery drops charge faster than the oem battery, im gonna test it for the next few days if its not good ill return it, however problem solved hopefully :)
  11. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I will Bro don't worry I have ordered a new battery off amazon let's see if that fixes my problem if not then I will take it to Samsung service centre warranty or not will have to get it fixed but no update as yet
  12. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    Rebooted many times man. Now the only decent charging I can get done is off the wall plug while the phone is off Charly-whiskey thinking of going to the nearest centre next week fingers crossed
  13. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    Do you think I should try the service centre near me as well? Maybe get lucky? Or is there no chance
  14. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    I hope so too feralfire I have ordered a battery from amazon under the brand name of anker. Fingers crossed it IS the dawn battery otherwise I don't know what to do with this thing
  15. sliyk

    Post weird charging problem

    ill swap my battery with a friends but i doubt its a battery issue, i brought another wire and wall charger and it started charging fine with the samsung official cable and the new wall charger i got, then i disconnected it and now same problem again. fml