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  • Hi slovo,
    I read a post regarding the phone not booting up and you said..
    " Thanks! I've acually fixed the problem by switching to dev. edition HardSPL.

    I've waisted half a day reding and experimenting but still couldn't launch task 29 command under Vista."

    How did you hard spl your cell if its not booting up (as we cant use active sync)..
    My cell is gone brick.. rebooting again n again.. please help me out..

    you want to use an internet connection and not pay for it?
    PM me when you find a solution, thanks!
    hi i just join this website im having problems with posting my question can you help me but i just brought a g-1 and i cant afford the data plan is there a way i can get around dat meaning can i get the data plan and use my phone without paying or messing up my phone pleasw help me
    Здравствуй друг, подскажи пожалуйста как ты сделал подпись картинкой телефонов. Может ткнешь на прогу или сайтик которым это делается, ибо я только ручками такое сотварил, колупался мин 30 но пропорции только на глаз и тени гдето есть гдето нет.
    Заранее благодарен.
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