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  • Is the "world wide Korean Radio" RADIO ROM you refer to real?
    When I use the downloaded file it says radio
    Want to start off thanking you for this great rom i have been using the stock tmous rom, then i tried duttys, and yours is just incredible!

    so anyway i guess due to the bigger bar on the bottom when the Swype keyboard pops up its not properly aligned, no biggie just wondering if there was something simple we could do to raise the keyboard flush over the bottom buttons. Thanks for this wonderful rom!
    I saw the cab you made for the phone static called TMOUS radio quality fix. I'm running the stock tmobile rom and I just wanted to make sure this would work with it and not mess anything up.
    Please let me know,
    I use yours cab ''Touch X Black '' but is it also possible to change white numbers to red numbers?
    I only want a Black digital clock with red numbers, is it possible ?

    Jag har nu ägnat några timmar med att läsa forum och uppgradera min X1 och tänkte ställa några frågor till er mer upplysta.

    Jag vill alltså ha windows mobile 6.5 på svenska till min X1, vilka finns att välja på, hur hittar jag dem bland alla inlägg?

    Eller kan jag ladda hem exempelvis Kovsky Infinite från och sedan ändra språk till svenska (i så fall hur)?
    I saw the thread on touch x xtreme on Leo...
    I was using the famous Touch_X_SENSE_2_0b on tp2 and it was really cool, thx for it
    Will you start again to develop on TP2 ?


    i hope so much you can help me,i am having problems installing bsb tweaks.
    i installes the net framework 3.5 cab on my phone and redtarted. than i installes the tweaks cab and retarted, and when activate the app i always get an error with the error massage in the details "platform not supported exepthion". i even installed a cab that ditermens what net framework to use...
    can you please help me solve this??
    thank you

    Is there a way to undo "Touch X Disconnect data after E-mail check" After installe on my HD2 It's not possible tjeck mail via GPRS only WIFI is working??

    Thanks for your tweeks, except this one...:)

    Hi, smaberg,
    Stupid question perhaps but do the tweeks for sense 2.5 work on Leo even if they are marked with Touch X
    Thanks in advance!
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