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    Post Any ANX Camera compatible with Android 11 custom ROM?

    Me too. If I find a solution I'll dm you , its in the support list.
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    Thread Any one made Anxcamera work on custom rom?

    I'm on arrow os and I really love it, it's my daily driver and I'm very happy! Only thing is the camera ... I miss the miui camera so much.... The slow Mo the settings etc. Anxcamera seems to be the key but I can't make it work... Any success?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS [Android 11][davinci]

    Yeah I had the same issue, I don't have the links but I flash dm verify zip and the magiskR it should boot afterwards. It's annoying even after updates. It's really annoying I hope a new version of recovery will fix the problem
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] ArrowOS [Android 11][davinci]

    Its my first dip into custom roms, I was really happy with eu roms but I have to say that I'm pretty impress and I'm picky. I went with nikgapps full and everything seems to be working fine. Battery wise I think it could be better. During the night I wasn't loosing that much % with lastest...
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    Post miui 11

    Share the loot Can you share a link? Thank you
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    Thread Perfect fit screen protector

    Hey guys, I've order alot of screen protector non fit perfectly. Any links to a good one? Thanks for your help
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    Post WiFi link only 433 on 5ghz

    I'm testing a gigabyte connection and I always test new devices max speed. I'm ok with 433 irl about 250ish. But I get more than 500 on a s8. I was wondering if it was a setting or something. Thanks
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    Thread WiFi link only 433 on 5ghz

    I was wondering if I was the only one who notice the link speed is only 433 on 5ghz. I have 866 with a s8 on the same router. Any ideas
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    Post Unlocked bootloader + root = no Google Pay ?

    Update I was doing the procedure from the pre root app. I've uninstalled reboot. Redownload and followed the procedure. Seems to be working now
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    Post Unlocked bootloader + root = no Google Pay ?

    Something went wrong I followed the procedure. Doesn't complain about being rooted but always pops that something when wrong went I try to setup my card
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    Post [9.0][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0 [zeroltexx/zeroltecan]

    Need a couple of things You need the lastest magisk 19 because 18.1 gets detected. I'm gonna try it today but I'm pretty sure I have to fix the cts profile because my device is not certified. For that you need busy box Magiskhide prop config And select a certified build. But but but for...
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    For me uninstalling 18.1 via recovery Installing 18.2 via recovery Boot hide all Google pay, services,play Rename adding .Bak Reboot Voilà buying things with gpay all week
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    Post [Discussion] Google Pay Magisk Discussion Thread

    I still can't pay Just thank you.!!! Step by step pretty easy and it's working I'm so happy! I can add cards no problem now but I still can't pay. Error message you cannot pay with Google pay....