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    Post TWRP. Sminki'S repack + TWRP3.0.0.0 by jemmini

    Thanks man :) Things really picked up around here since Ieft. Just my luck :silly:
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    Sorry, as I sold it a while ago I'm not checking into XDA very often (my LG is perfectly setup, no need for chasing change :p) Obviously it's best if a new thread is started for any new versions, that way the person developing has complete control :good:
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    Post Kernel Source Code Discussion

    I sold mine remember :p not really, not if there's nothing 'alike' to build from, and in this case there isn't. You need the full device tree, with all associated modules/files pulled from your existing running 6.0 device. Someone has to examine a device tree of an existing device and prepare...
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    Post [UNSUPPORTED] [KERNEL] ON-OR Kernel for STOCK H7 (GCC Linaro 4.9.3) [PLK-L01]

    As you know, I no longer have the device. But I thought I would add this just in case any one else finds this thread.. We just tried this on a work-mates H7. It rooted it! Very impressed as previous attempts with KingRoot have failed, but this seemed to work great, and he is now ad-free :D :good:
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    Post [Kernel] [MM] [OC] Werewolf Kernel v001 - 25/01/2016

    thanks mr. wolf, loving it! does it (or will it) support kexec?
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    Post [ROMs] Stock Rooted MM - For US WiFi and RoW LTE Shield Tablet

    great stuff Harfainx, I was lazy so just sideloaded over the top of LP - worked an absolute charm :good:
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    Post [UNSUPPORTED] [KERNEL] ON-OR Kernel for STOCK H7 (GCC Linaro 4.9.3) [PLK-L01]

    thanks, but too late, i've sold it :rolleyes: that would only root it though right? not allow fastboot flashing.
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    Post [E.O.L.][ROM][H815 v14.2][H811 v5.0][MM] Imperium Rom G4 [10/07/2017]

    [FAST][SMOOT][STABLE] no, it's smooter :silly: edit: title corrected by slim, thanks :good:
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    Post [TREE] Need help creating the Honor 7 device tree.

    Sorry mate. You haven't seen my troubles over the last few weeks then :confused: After my H7 'died', I got a warranty replacement phone, and unlocking was proving impossible, each day was bringing more frustration and anger so i've sold it! That's it, i'm out of the "honor" business for good...
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    Post [UNSUPPORTED] [KERNEL] ON-OR Kernel for STOCK H7 (GCC Linaro 4.9.3) [PLK-L01]

    sorry, no. time for someone else to take over.
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    Post We need Cyanogenmod or Devs to make a unofficial port

    :good: By saying that, you already have everyone's hope up :p I wish you all the luck, especially as I'm now out of the game :good:
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    Post Huawei don't release bootloader unlock code! The end of modding?

    i got a reply today, telling me to use the site, and to use the huawei id on the device for 14 days. So you use the site, it doesn't work, it tells you to email them, they (eventually) email back an automated response telling you to use the site, but the site doesn't work, it tells you to email...
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    Post Huawei don't release bootloader unlock code! The end of modding?

    Om mani padme hum! I have tried again, and from my work machine, just like the last 23 days, I have sent 12 emails and had no reply. I have used the "contact us" form on their site several times, nothing. I phone up the "hotline" today, the woman didn't know what a bootloader was, so after...
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    Post Get Bootloader Unlock Code + Avoiding the "you must use a phone account" message

    What does it say in large purple writing at the top of the post? request for thread lock submitted :o
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    Post [XPOSED](1.2/1.8.1)G4 TweaksBox(THEME,Call-Rec,Lockscreen,Notifications,MUCH MORE)

    P_Toti Just want to say.. Thanks! love it, so i bought it :good: Well worth £1.74 for the extra bits. Power menu tweaks are what I miss in stock :o