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    Thread Noti bar glitch on lanscape mode games. Android 11

    Am running Android 11 . The Navigation bar and status bar seems to pop up on to the screen on landscape mode apps. Especially games.. This cannot be fixed until we restart the game. This is seriously annoying. Pinning the app also isn't fixing this Any solution plz
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    Post HTC U11+ availability in India .

    I settled up.with a pixel 2XL
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    Post List of Google Pixel 2 XL Cases

    Bought a spigen neo hybrid case. It feels rugged to hold and smooth at the same time . The lips are raised ones as well. But I don't think this would give room for any curved tempered glass ( if available) . Now in search of a plain sticker type protector at least to guard it from scratches if...
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    Post LG V30+ India Thread

    Could u manage to get a U11+ in India ?
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    Post Latest batch of Pixel 2 XL's still have screen issues

    Man u have almost managed to convince me to shift to HTC U11+, I was almost about to buy pixel 2 XL . Where did u buy U11+ from? It's not out in India yet I guess. I wanted to buy 6/128 .
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    Thread HTC U11+ availability in India .

    *** Deleted ***
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    Thread HTC U11+ availability in India .

    Anyone having information on U11+ availability in India. How can I buy a translucent model.
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    Thread home screen not to be seen

    I had factory reset my phone. Now after reboot it doesn't show any app . it is just a blank screen with 3 touch buttons at bottom as usual. The home button at center is not working so I cannot access any app. I tried installing nova ,still no hope. Tried resetting again but its all the same. Can...
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    Thread screen for mate 9

    Any trusted , quality source of huawei mate 9 screen? Got my digitizer shattered . seems its tough to get it replaced alone.
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    Post play store apps

    Yes am on roaming. Thnx mate
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    Thread play store apps

    I am not being able to update any of my apps over data on my G4+. It's shows downloading ......for ever. Apps update over WiFi.but not over data. Tried all below possible solutions. clearing cache / Data....Of Download manager... Playstore and even Google play services... Nothing has worked...
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    Thread applock

    Can some tell me if there is an option on mate9 to lock each apps apart from general fingerprint lock on the phone. If not , which app would be the best?
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    Post Where to buy the international mate 9?

    Bought mine 2 days back from Bahrain. L29 C185 B110. :o
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    Post Where to buy the international mate 9?

    Has anyone managed to get hold of Mate 9 Pro ????
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    Post Oneplus 3t or Mate 9 ?

    Oppo mart shows outta stock for mate 9 pro Sent from my D6633 using XDA-Developers mobile app