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    Post Most stable Custom rom for redmi 9

    Pixel : Experience (A10)/Extended

    Post [ROM][11]Pixel Extended][OFFICIAL][Redmi 9][Poco M2][Lava]

    Yes, it is. About Effect_tick : "Touch sound" as it named in sound settings. And about clipping : i think sound in android is not intended to clip at max volume, isn't it?

    Post [ROM][11]Pixel Extended][OFFICIAL][Redmi 9][Poco M2][Lava]

    My device is Lancelot. Excellent, smooth experience. G-Visual roundness looks so cool. Known Issues : • First effect_tick after 5-7 seconds is quiet and cut (like the sound engine is going to sleep and can not get up in time of the click) • Call melody ("The big adventure) is clipping at the...

    Thread Engineer mode on Custom ROM

    Hello. My phone is Redmi 9, running Pixel Experience (a10). This ROM is like a breath of fresh air after MIUI despite it has some of its flaws. One of its flaws - it don't have Engineer Mode, which is vital for me. The question is - can i include this thing to my PE somehow? Maybe take the...

    Post [ROM][10.0][LANCELOT] PixelExperience [AOSP]

    Does this ROM have an engineer mode? I tried several codes, none of them worked so far.