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Recent content by snovharry

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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [THEMES] [Post your Oneplus 9 Pro Homescreens & set(s) up !]

    anyway to change the qs icon background to a custom one?
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    Post Question Issue's with OnePlus 9 Pro after Cross Flashing Oxygen OS to Chinese Variant LE2120

    I also have empty verification section on the about us phone. Other than that all good. Im on EU build on the Chinese variant
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    Thread Question LE2120 Chinese variant has Indian FIrmware ((LE15 DA). Is it possible to change it to global firmware?

    I got my 9 pro yesterday and it has indian firmware which i don't like. Is it possible to change it to global one. I'm on Also is it possible to use msm tool for Indian variant on this handset? Thnx. Really hoping to get some answers
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    Post Oneplus 8 Pro VOLTE - Android 11

    I was enable to activate VOLTE on Lucky enough to manage PDC to recognise my device and selected DT denmark commercial profile and activated it. Used this method. https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-activate-vowifi-wlan-call.3871263/
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    Post and keeping root?

    You have an easier method if the OTA update is there in the system. Follow below guide. Specifically, step 2,3 and 5. That's all you need. You don't need the whole update. Tested this twice. 11 to and so on. https://www.the***********.com/install-ota-update-rooted-android-device-guide/
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    Post Album art on lockscreen is back.

    Renovate ice has a feature to turn it off. Also with other goodies.
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    Post (GUIDE) Move status bar click to the centre -Xposed

    Renovate ice has lots of tweaks including center clock. Unfortunately, it's awl work in progress for op 8/8pro. Limited tweaks only for now. But works great in 7/7T series.
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    Post Motion Graphics Smoothing problem using Netflix in oneplus 8 pro

    Working fine for me in Netflix. 10.5.12
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    Post [Discussion]How to re-enable full Photochrom on INT.10.5.11/EU.10.5.10

    I'm on 10.5.11. but factory mode camera did not pick x-ray vision as mentioned. I tried several remotes and stuff. Any reason for that?
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    Post Unroot and lock bootloader

    Thnx mate..this worked like a charm.
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    Post Unroot and lock bootloader

    Hi, Could you give me a link to download MSM tool for OnePlus 7T Pro. I need to relock my bootloader as well. I only found MSM tool for Oneplus 7 Pro. :( Thnx in advance
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    Post Inbox by Gmail invite

    Please send me an invite [email protected]
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    Post Android Lollipop Stock Factory Image and more

    hi, waiting for the Zip file :)
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    Post Apps That Do Not Work with Android "L" Preview

    Yes. no white background anymore. also in the messenger.