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    Post New update for tmobile users

    After this update , voice to text no longer mutes Bluetooth music while you are speaking... So you have to compete and talk over it. Also when screen is off and you place the phone on wireless charging, Samsung Pay tries to open. Sent from my SM-N920T using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Post FREE samsung wireless charging pad or flip case with samsung pay

    My wireless charger arrived today, works perfectly, not sensitive to position, even when running latest update.
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900A_OF3 - 5.0 and KeepRoot

    Thanks for everything Muniz, you are a rockstar for giving everyone a path to keep root as the updates flow in! My S5 is latest and greatest with root, smoking fast, but I just bought a Note 5 and switched to T-Mobile so this ATT S5 is going up on ebay! Keep on keeping on and good luck to...
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    Post [LIGHTS!★CAMERA!★ACTION!] Post your money shots taken with the Note 5!

    SoCal pre-dawn sunrise behind the palms.
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    Post [LIGHTS!★CAMERA!★ACTION!] Post your money shots taken with the Note 5!

    Low light evening post sunset shot from Ranchita, CA
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    Post [Q] @#[email protected]#[email protected]#$ google

    4.4.4 is rootable, 5.0 owa is not. Don't do anything before you read up on the process to root 4.4.4 first and then how to update to 5.0 while keeping root. As for the sdcard, it works fine, read and write, on all versions. You have a different issue.
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900A_OC4 - 5.0 and KeepRoot (4/8/2015)

    Un-installing bloatware apps removes them from the system partition, installed apps are in the data partition. So while your overall space is increased on the internal storage, you don't gain any space for downloaded apps. Manually cleaning up cache files will usually solve space issues.
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    Post What are your impressions about the Lollipop update?

    Running Muniz_ri's method to keep root from 4.x as an early adopter, flashed tether mod, and froze unwanted bloatware including nag screens to remove them from view. Best rom to date, not a single force close, everything works flawlessly, excellent battery, music, bluetooth, gps, all perfect...
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900A_OC4 - 5.0 and KeepRoot (4/8/2015)

    Just a follow up. I was an early adopter of this root method lollipop coming from kitkat. I have only flashed the tether mod and frozen bloatware to remove it from view. This has been running flawless from day one in every way, music, bluetooth, battery life, performance, not a single force...
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    Post [Q] Google Maps Navigation drops connection

    From the TMS5 dev thread
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900A_OC4 - 5.0 and KeepRoot (4/8/2015)

    I've been pretty happy with your original flashfire release that used the different rom and partitions files. It looks like you have made enhancements since then. Do you have a change log anywhere and are any of the changes worth flashing to the latest?
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    Post [How-To] Update to G900A_OC4 - 5.0 and KeepRoot (4/8/2015)

    What's wrong with the stock music player? It's been working fine for me... ?
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    Post [Q] Any Lollipop issues?

    I used muniz_ri's flash fire method keeping root which installs fresh and lollipop works flawlessly with no bugs, nothing broken. After install, google reinstalls your apps which many rediscover their stored settings on the internal sd. Most lollipop issues seem to be related to the stock update...