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    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    I've changed location to different countries in HiCare app and only when I've changed to Poland I've received update to emui 11
  2. sonic_boom

    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    Only got it today in Ireland 🙈
  3. sonic_boom

    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    LoL answer is simple here Forget about it
  4. sonic_boom

    Post Huawei P30 Pro Updates

    Still nothing ?
  5. sonic_boom

    Post Dropping FPS , VOLTAGE , POWER while playing games

    Thanks. I've tried different drivers too. I've been testing on win7 and win10. Same thing. I took battery out completely, wondering if the charger might be the issue here ? 19V 4.7a 90W .... Maybe not enough amps , there is enough to run the system , but when everything working on full power for...
  6. sonic_boom

    Post Dropping FPS , VOLTAGE , POWER while playing games

    There is link to my Google drive folder with all screenshot. I cannot post these here because of BMP format. 3 below are basically screenshot of screenshot
  7. sonic_boom

    Thread Dropping FPS , VOLTAGE , POWER while playing games

    Hi I have Samsung laptop which has; 8gb DDR3 ram. Nvidia Geforce 630M Intel i5 3210M SSD I can easily play fortine etc however games running smoothly then dropping FPS for some seconds... It's really bad ,here is some log from HWMONITOR (cpuID) any have a clue what cause it and is there any...
  8. sonic_boom

    Post [H960A] Short story with possible unbrick method for some people

    If you have working TWRP , flashable zip is an option for you. It did work for me
  9. sonic_boom

    Thread [H960A] Short story with possible unbrick method for some people

    Hi. Everyone. Recently i "hard" bricked my V10 h960a . Which boot-looped few months before however i was able to fix it using tutorial below : https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v10/general/v10-bootloop-fix-lengthens-life-t3694064 Using phone with 4 cores instead of 6 is not a big deal , so...
  10. sonic_boom

    Post buy v10 with bootloop??

    Hi i was able to bring my V10 back to life after using this tutorial : https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v10/general/v10-bootloop-fix-lengthens-life-t3694064 Freezer , unlocked bootloader, flashed modified boot.img --> DONE
  11. sonic_boom

    Post Download mode problem

    dont mind me I MADE IT , i f****n made it, spent 6 hours extracting files from KDZ H960A30b_00_0616.kdz , coocked stock flashable rom , and here we go , my bootlooped , with dead download mode V10 is back
  12. sonic_boom

    Post [UPDATE]LG V10 H960 BOOT.img(extracted) RECOVERY/System/Boot/Modem img

    links dead... anyone can pm me working links ? thanks
  13. sonic_boom

    Thread Download mode problem

    Hi all mad LG users , my V10 H960a is in coma right now, is not dead yet I had bootloop problem and i fixed it by flashing boot.img with ( 4 active cores only out of 6 ) Everything was great until i decided to reset to default my phone, stuck on the LG LOGO , i had flashed 4 cores boot.img agin...
  14. sonic_boom

    Post V10 Bootloop Fix (lengthens life)

    It does work actually on my BOOTLOOPED V10 h960a Thanks
  15. sonic_boom

    Post I need a lot of people to tell me "I own a LG V10 in 2018 and it's working just fine"

    My V10 died 2 days ago. Main board replaced by LG in Germany September 2017 . Suddenly died GREEN SCREEN OF DEATH