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    Post [EOL][ROM][STABLE][O][8.0][ERG2][31.08.18][SM-G935F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan-Rom V3.0.1

    I know you've been asked this a lot, but could you give us a rough estimate of when to expect BatMan for S7? By the end of this month? Next month? Just a rough guess, no specific dates.
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    Not sure if this has been reported already but when I pull out my SD card and put it back again the phone acts as if there is no SD card and has to be rebooted.
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    Post Samsung S7 Edge Pink Line - Reason and Solution

    It would've been awesome if there was a video tutorial.
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    Post Elephone S7 (Real Reviews & Discussion) 3000mAh, 5.5", Fingerprint ID, Helio X20

    Any info about the sound quality? Any dedicated DAC?
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    Post I think every s7 edge (2k) display have dead pixel.

    I am trying to buy one and it has this weird thin black line on the right side. The seller says that this is the only problem the phone has and it does not affect the sensors. I wish I could send a link to the image but I am a new user. I'd like to ask you guys some guidance whether I should buy...
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    Post European launch

    I hope they also release it on Ebay since I have some PayPal money I can't get rid of.
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    Post [ROM] [6.0 and 5.1] nAOSProm for Xperia S

    On the stock Android version the Xperia S has 25.80gb of internal storage. Is that any different when the 6.0 nAOSProm is used?