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    Post [Guide] Downgrade MediaPad M2 8 from EMUI 4.0 to EMUI 3.1

    can anyone help me please? I upgraded my 801W tablet to marshmallow but stupid me I upgraded to 801L version and the tablet keeps rebooting...thanks to these threads, I managed to get back to lollipop, but now I am 802L model and for the love of me I cannot get it back to 801W - any help please?
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    Post [GUIDE] Official updates on a M2 tablet with root/changed recovery

    Dear xsycox I have an issue where I updated my W version tablet to L version accidentally and I am having issue getting it back.. I am currently trying to get some help in this thread: Can...
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    Post MediaPad M2 Installed wrong

    cheers :D anyway, do you have any idea how I could do this? as I said, I managed to get back to lollipop, but am still on L version and cannot flash anything over it...any hint is much appreacited...unfortunately, I am not twrp, frp unlocked so fastboot is out of question :(
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    Post MediaPad M2 Installed wrong has been a long time ago...well, no matter how I try, I cannot flash anything :/ every FW I downloaded fails...I am lost with this tablet...
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    Post MediaPad M2 Installed wrong

    Hey man - what is the file you shared in this post please?? I need to do the same as is in this thread - revert from 80xL to W version of firmware but the update keeps failing...any idea please??
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    Post [ROM][STOCK][Android 6.0][M2 8.0] All 8.0 models - Stock Marshmallow ROMs

    hello everyone...I am goind mad here...I have wifi version of the tablet and I installed an update to marhsmallow that turned my tablet to L version... I would not really care, but my tablet keeps restarting periodically, making it unusable...any idea please how I can get back to wifi version...
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    Thread Location request popup after unlock

    Hi Guys Could you please help me? Ever since the last update of my 5T, when I unlock my phone weather is open and keeps asking for location permission... Any ideas how to fix this? it is annoying as hell Thanks!
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    Post Issues updating OTA - Rooted + TWRP

    hey, I got it finally..thanks for the effort...thread can be deleted
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    Post Issues updating OTA - Rooted + TWRP

    are you saying that I should apply the downloaded file via fastboot? what I did is downloaded the recovery and updated to KAS54, then another update popped up and again I cannot I get the same error, but this time it says I have KAS254 and the package expects something newer..
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    Post Issues updating OTA - Rooted + TWRP

    hi, thanks for your reply..I did that but it did not work
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    Thread Issues updating OTA - Rooted + TWRP

    Hi Everyone Can anyone please stop my suffering? :D I tried everything and I am lost... My phone kept asking me to update to KAS254 which I finally managed to do by flashing stock recovery...but now it is giving me another OTA, some weird alphanumeric combination, around 60MB. Thing is I...
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    Post [MOD] MultiROM v33b

    hi - what exactly did you do please? I am getting the same error and I don't know how to fix it...thanks!
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    hey guys - can somebody please help me here? I installed MultiROM manager from playstore on OnePlus one CM13, did all the necessary updates per MultiROM notifications and clicked install ubuntu touch... all files downloaded and started installing, then it went to TWRP and stopped with a log...
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Exodus Android 6 for Samsung S4 mini LTE serranoltexx

    thanks...I cant find any TWRP image...I did find one but windows deleted it saying its a trojan..FML... any idea where I can find newer twrp? Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][GT-I9190/I9195][Official][6.0.1] CyanogenMod 13.0 for S4 Mini 3G/LTE

    is it OK that it loops seemingly forever? Once it reaches the number (102 in my case) it starts frameworks and what not and then it goes back to very long boot animation and then it starts optimizing again...I have been trying this this whole day... EDIT: OK, round two, now optimizing 22...