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  • Hi Sp3dev,

    sorry to disturb you but i have a quick question did you ever manage to make working the usb on this platform ?

    I'm currently trying to use gadget…

    So what i do is:
    copy the /driver/usb/gadget folder in the(newly createde) /include/usb/gadget/

    in the /arch/arm/mach-pxa/asusp525.c,
    I include the /usb/gadget/pxa27xx_udc.h

    for now it's still not compiling properly… especially the asusp525.c
    If you have any thougth, it's maby an isane question i'm a dummies in C for now, but i'm working on :-)
    Another thing could you tell from wich kernel did you start ? is it a vanilla one ? Or a on who works on a similar platform like ipaq ?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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