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    Thread Soft bricked SL

    I tried flashing Dhiru's CM11 rom and I didn't like it. I wanted to revert to stock but my CWM backup didn't work :crying: I tried flashing I9003JVKPE using odin and also tried to re-partition but it didn't work. It boots up and plays the samsung bootanimation but it gets stuck there. Over time...
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    Post Which phone do you use right now?

    Samsung Galaxy SL i9003
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    Post [CF-ROOT][UNIVERSAL][I9003] CF-Root and CWM5 for I9003 Gingerbread (All versions)

    In case you get a Wi-Fi error, flash this kernel(PDA_BCK_CF-root_universal_beta15.tar) : It fixed the problem for me :) ---------- Post added at 11:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:56 AM ---------- Flash this kernel...
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    Post Can anyone patch an old version of YouTube?

    Yes it really is my daily driver :) Is there any alternative players that I can log in to my account? I will install CM11 soon though.
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    Post [KERNEL & CF-root][GB][LE4/Universal] Bam Custom Kernel: BCK beta 15 [07.02.13]

    Thank you very much! I used this to fix a Wi-Fi error that came when Universal CF-Rooting my phone.
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    Thread Can anyone patch an old version of YouTube?

    The latest version of YouTube for Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 is 5.5.30. But it no longer works. Can anyone patch it for it to work? (You can use the latest YouTube for reference) YouTube 5.5.30 APK...
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    Thread [SOLVED] [HELP] Can't restore my phone :=(

    My phone is in emergency recovery mode, but Kies can't restore it :( Odin also gets stuck on SetupConnection Edit: I asked somebody else to restore it and it worked ;)
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    Post Post Your HOMESCREEN [SGSL]

    Here's another Windows 10 homescreen :) Homescreen: Lockscreen: Edit: I don't recommend using Launcher8 for this as 1 engine in VirusTotal detected it as a PUP
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    Post [APP][2.2+] DriveDroid - host ISO/IMG files to boot your PC from

    DriveDroid gives an error saying: Failed to extract '/mnt/sdcard/Download/images/drivedroid.img' : null My Device: Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 My ROM: Stock 2.2.1 (Build number: FROYO.JVKD1) Edit: Samsung UsbMenuSel in Android kernel was greyed out
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    Thread Kies Doesn't Update

    While updating using Samsung Kies, it gives me an error. (it doesn't brick my phone but it doesn't update) Current version: PDA:KD1 / PHONE:KA4 / CSC:KC1 (TUR) Latest version: PDA:KPE / PHONE:KP3 / CSC:KP7 (TUR) Size: 204 MB Error message: Notice The PC failed to recognise the mobile phone...
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11 for Samsung Galaxy SL - 20160705

    Hello I want to ask some questions: 1: Does this ROM work every carrier around the world? (I need to use a Turkish carrier on a Turkish device) 2:How do I get a custom recovery? I want to backup my stock recovery. When I search for a recovery, there's two. There's this CF-Root...