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    Post Paranoid Android 7.3.1 - AOSPA - OnePlus 3(T)

    Any one knows when is the next update getting released? Does the update follows monthly cycle?
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    Post [Q&A] [armani]CWM PhilZ Touch for RedMI 1S

    Hey, you dont need to use it in Mi recovery.. Go to updater app in redmi 1s located on home screen. Open it and press menu button on your phone, it will give you options. Select update package and select the file. It will install :) now you can check it by rebooting into recovery.
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    Post [Discussion] Booting issues (experiences)

    hey, after entering into fastboot mode. How did you type those commands? which file did you open to do that? pls say
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    Post [Mod/Fix] [No Root] Control Overheating and Performance with Thermal Engine

    Your patch is good on standby. But, when im using phone it is draining battery very very fast. Im using the balance mode. Can you solve this please .:confused:
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    Post Super Jelly Bean Rom Q&A

    Dude. i cant find the flash option in camera:confused: . i can see photo light for video recording, but not for taking pictures:(. Can you tell me whether flash is there or not.. im using xperia ray.:)
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    Post [TWEAKS][SCRIPTS] Collection of 'em all - build.prop; init.d; etc.

    help me I cant find the Media Tweaks and most of the tweaks in the build.prop . Please help me :/ Thanks in advance