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  • Thanks. but I know that stuff... just it's 160 mb nether the less... so not much space left for dalvik cache ;)
    "My G1 wont accept any upgraded radio"
    You need to create a goldcard, and downgrade. This is worked for me (German G1)
    Hi speedysilwady,

    I also have a G1 with stock SPL. After seeing so many positive comments on the KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 eclair ROM I am tempted to try it out, however I am reluctant to mess with the SPL on my phone as it has a non-PVT board that is known for bricking.

    I read about how you have removed a few stock apks in order for the rom to fit in stock SPL. Mind sharing or pointing me to the direction on how you achieved that? If it is not too inconvenient for you, can you share the ROM with me by uploading the ROM somewhere, say mediafire or rapidshare?

    Much appreciated! thank you~
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