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  • Hi Spiaatie , i did read all 155 posts about hx2000 wm6.5 upgrade , i have ipaq 2495a and i downloaded latest you tube app , then left after charging still connected to adapter with power outlet off , by morning i started once and since then tryed everything i can't start it , ipaq stops loading in half blue bar , looks like only way out its to upgrade , i want to try 6.5 v4 , DO I NEED ANY PASSWORD , can i do it wm5 (1.00h) directly to wm6.5 v4 , thank you very much for you help , please correct me if i got it wrong , skawa12
    hp ipaq hx2490c dump!!!!
    I have my model that is bricked and i also purchased my wife one of the same. HERS IS IN PERFECT WORKING ORDER! how do i create a rom dump for it so you can post it on here and help everyone out.
    Hi Spiaatie,
    I have tried to flash the ROM of a HP IPAQ HX2790b (was in Pre-BL mode)
    But was a bit enthousiastic...

    The battery was almost drained without my knowledge, because the adapter wasn't conected (YES ME !!! ME !!! ME !!! Totally stupid)
    I explained my father while I was flashing his (mine went fine) DPA that he should only do it with both batteries Laptop an PDA full and surely connected to...

    ... Well ironic isn't it :-(

    The screen on laptop didn't say anything <NO ERROR> have you got any Idea what happened, and is there a possibility to save the PDA?
    It has probably no working Bootloader, because it won't respond to anything with my battery in it. The other battery is totally flat.
    Would appreciate advice...

    Yep, can say I'm a bit sad, because my father just bought it :-(
    I've tried to download you Spanish ROM but I can't, please can you help I need a good ROM upgrade for ipaq Hx2495
    Hi there, i'm new to ths forum but for many years i have tried to upgrade to WM5 without success,. I wish toi upgrade my hx2750 2003se to WM6.xx but no longer have the WM5 rom. Please could you send me a link to the WM5 rom so that i can continue to upgrade?
    Cheers, stormin
    Still waiting WM2003 SE or WM5.0 ROM upgrading for hp iPAQ h6365 or hp iPAQ h63xx series! hp iPAQ h6365 / hp iPAQ h63xx series
    Hi... Can u help me? Plzzzz....

    Im using hx2490C... by mistaken, im already try to flash to 6.5 (Spiaatie) without notice this ver only support hx2490 & and hx2490b. my screen going blank (white screen) after i try to upgrade. I try to downgrade to 6.1, 6.0 but failed. I cannot find any version 5.0.... Can u assist me to fix my ipaq... please.... im still new with wm pda...
    Can you help me please ?
    I need this windows mobile 5.0 french rom for my IPAQ.
    thank you very much

    Can u advice me which kitchen is the best for cooking c6625 rom??
    Can i use ur resource WM 6.5 for smartphone (CE OS 5.2.23017 (Build 23017.5.3.1)) porting with its original rom??
    thx Spiaatie...
    your post this date about funding an hx4705 for developing WM6.5 ROM is of interest on my part ... to support your undertaking. I'll support your with US$50 toward the purchase of a 4705 platform.

    Frank K-F

    [email protected]
    Hi there, what do you mean by connecting my phone by radio mode/device? you replied to me in the bricked i600 thread.

    thank you!
    hello my name is annam i'm interested in your wm6.5 update but it seem like it only for hp but my device is a dell AXIM X51 and i really want this update i can offer money if you want
    Hey spiaatie could i get the passwords for HX2410_HX2110_IPAQ_UPDATE_TUTORIAL_BY_SPIAATIE.zip and WM6.5_HX2000_Spiaatie.zip as well, please? Thanks.
    Sorry, I have a few questions since I've never hooked the Ipaq up to my computer...I've been using Palm devices for years and this is my first Windows Mobile pda. When I put the Ipaq in Pre-BL mode, do I then place it in the cradle and plug in the usb, if so will my pc look for drivers for the new device? Also, is everything done from the computer- launching hpRUU.exe, pushing next button, and replacing the file? I'm sorry I'm not good with this stuff and I don't want to end up with a brick. Do I need to run something from the v2 folder or just replace the file and what is the password to download the v2 file? Once I have the v2 folder, do I just open it and delete the WM.6.5.nbf and replace it with the other file? After I replace the file, I then go back to hpRUU and push update. Is there anything else I need to download or install before I connect the Ipaq to my computer for the first time? Again, thank for your help.
    Hi Spiaatie - I came across your work in a stroke of luck! I'd love to try this out on my ageing hx2000... please could you let me know the password for the V2 file? Many thanks!
    Hey spiaatie could i get the passwords for HX2410_HX2110_IPAQ_UPDATE_TUTORIAL_BY_SPIAATIE.zip and WM6.5_HX2000_Spiaatie.zip if theyre not all the same thanks!
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