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    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    I have trouble with that one, when I write numbers, it changes into emoticons
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    Post Ios 13.2 emojis font

    Do you plan on releasing iOS 14 emoji??
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    Post Emui 9.1

    how do you do it? can you share it with us
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    Post [NO-ROOT] iOS 12.1 Emoji theme for P20/P20 Pro [UPDT 05/02/19]

    this is great IDEA, can anyone help us to get this
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    Post Higher bitrates mod possible?

    could you create the comparison video about this?
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    Post [GUIDE] Best Battery Life Possible

    thank you i will try to make it 1080p to save the battery
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    Post How is your battery?

    I think the battery drain is only affect exynos version like mine I hate the battery drain.. I hope Samsung will hear and solve this problem ---------- Post added at 05:50 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 AM ---------- I can assure you that Snapdragon Battery management is better...
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    Post Standby drain

    Very bad standby drain.. Even when S10+ full charge 100%, set to airplane mode, wifi off, data off, sync off, AOD off, and set many app to sleep, from 23.00 to 5am, battery left 92%... It's worse than any huawei
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    Post Standby drain

    any idea how to reach samsung regarding this battery drain??
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    Post How is your battery?

    yeah me too, experience the same problems, damn! samsung! what are you doing when the phone is standby :(
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    Post How is your battery?

    I've experience bad battery Life, especially standby drain, it is very dissapointing
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    Post Standby drain

    From 100% I unplugged at night around 23.00 and in the morning 5.00am I've got 92%, it's on Wifi.. Worse battery for s10+ Exynos
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    Post How is your battery?

    I have S10+ Exynos version, the battery life is so bad, it's drain quick after unplugged.. And at night on wifi from 100% to 92% in the morning, damn!!! So bad
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    Post Root for all models that don't have it...

    I will waiting for H870DS I have the device waiting to root or bricked
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    Post [GCam] [Wide Angle] LG G5,LG G6,LG V20,LG V30 - v4.2

    In my LG G6 i follow all your settings and tested out.. I also experimented some settings and turn out, if I change input model to Taimen the picture is better