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  • Hi spike. I use your X1.5 rom and i really love it. What kitchen do you use? Im interested in making one myself. Your roms pretty much inspired me to make one.
    Hey Spikegotti, I just wanted to know that is the final X2 ROM gonna have the start menu at the bottom??
    I dont like it that way, the many X2 vidz on utube show a nice default ROM..cant i have one of those here on my X1 rite now...??

    Thanx a ton!
    Hey there spikehotti!

    first of, thank you for the great ROM!

    i love your v10, and i love the fact that its a clean rom.

    i dont know if its proper to ask you, but could u show me how to use Manila 2.1 on it. its the only thing im missing from other cooked Roms.

    i like your ROM more than the others since you didnt remove most of the stock features. ive tried other Manila 2.1 cooked ROMs but they always removed something that i found needed such as the "Letter Recognizer"

    thank you for your attention on this matter. good luck on the platinum release
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