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    Post Can I just disable and uninstall magisk and take the OTA update to update my Pixel 5?

    Just download OTA like a normal person and patch inactive slot via magisk manager before rebooting. simple as that. But you should definitely disable all modules before reboot.
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    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    Yep, I did find that out later.. I decided to stick to the slow cam because I can't stand the navbar or pill ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks though!
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    Post Share your new GOOGLE pixel 5 homescreen

    Joining the Pixel fam again. Simple and lovely
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    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 5 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    I installed gcam from the play store, and all runs well, but switching between back and front cam is veeeery slow. Any idea what this could be? I'm also running the Proton kernel. Also, I just got this Pixel 5 and came from a Oneplus 8 Pro. Especially with this ROM I see almost no performance...
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    Post 11..0.4.4 IN11AA

    Tried to install the 4.4 update as usual yesterday, but when installing magisk to inactive slot I get an "Unsupported/Unknown image format" error. I never really had that before. Well, I'll try to reboot later and see if it works somehow, but I think I'm gonna flash a downloaded boot image...
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    I don't even see a rotate option but I used to workaround that with a gesture that triggered either a tasker task or another app shortcut which handled that. I always create the gestures with the path arrows. It's much more accurate
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    I only have the full version, and I'm not sure if we're allowed to post that here
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    I must add, especially now, in the times of extremely big phones, the standard android gestures just aren't enough. I don't want to drop my phone because I needed to put my thumb on the bottom edge to go home or switch tasks. It's stupid. At least the back gesture makes sense. GMDs approach...
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    Post [APP][4/5/6/7+] GMD GestureControl ★ root

    I only just now saw your post! Good to see that you're ok. Yes, your gesture app is the absolute best still, even with some quirks like the launchpad and alt-tab crashing. But other than that, it works great, even on Android 11. No other app gives the freedom that your gesture app gives and it's...
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    Post Update to oos 11 and keep root

    For others with the same question and find this thread instead of the guide: Switch to beta update channel in magisk -> download and install OTA without rebooting -> magisk flash to inactive slot -> reboot & enjoy
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    Post [KERNEL] [OOS] Omega Kernel OOS11 [April 19, 2021]

    Hmm, this is weird. This kernel seems to have mostly fixed my keyboard haptics delay. The keyboard actualy feels good now. What does this kernel do that others don't? Anyway, great work!
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    Post Force app to go full screen, including the camera cutout?

    I use the "None display cutout" module in the Magisk download section. Works just like the notchkiller by enabling in developer settings. But seriously. My S10+ was able to do that natively. What is Oneplus doing
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    Post pixel buds 2 and auto pairing

    Well it works with my Galaxy Buds+. Flip up the case and they automatically connect. I think that's the standard for every bluetooth headphone now
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    Post Cheap front glass feeling

    You do know that there is a plastic screen protector preinstalled that you can remove, right