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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][a71n][10] LineageOS 17.1

    Haven't seen much activity on the git repo. Is this project dead? Any alternative roms to look for or should I just root and attempt to debloat the stock OS myself?
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    Post Close individual backround application?

    Yeah I discovered that recently. However I don't think it's actually stopping the app. It just removes it from the recently used task list. From what I've seen the state is preserved after the fact. Opening it again gets me back to a state that I would expect to be transient and lost when I...
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    Post Contact Tracing

    How did you get to this? I recently upgraded to Android 10. I can't find this in settings. I've disabled updates now to prevent getting this "virus" Edit: I found it (settings->google). Fuuuuck. Why can't I just OWN the ****ing phone I PAID for?
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    Post [APP]AMOLED Notification Light "NotifyBuddy"

    I've tried this on my g8x on android 10. It works. Few things that would be nice: - Persist sub-second settings for LED animations. I prefer mine to blink like they did on my old z3. I can set them but after restart the default is set back to 2s and 3s respectively. I think the setting should...
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    Thread Close individual backround application?

    I don't know if this is an LG thing or a new android thing (I've been on 5 for too long) but I can't seem to close an individual app. When I view background apps (button to left of home) I only have the option to clear all but can't close / clear an individual app. Is this the new normal? Or is...
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    Post Is this legit or not? (Supposed root guide)

    Dammit, my heart just sank as I read this. And then I confirmed. I'm guessing the bootloader binaries are signed so they only work for a unique device? Any ideas if this phone will get USA unlocked bootloader? If not I'll probably have to get rid of mine...
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    Thread Dark Theme (Dialog Boxes / Menus) For Xperia Z3 Compact

    Is there any way to get dark dialog boxes / menus for the xperia z3c? I'm running the latest SLiM ROM. There was an app that could do this but it seems that it only works for android versions < 5.
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    Post xperia Z3c bootloop after flashing CWM

    I managed to recover my phone. I don't think you need usb debugging for flash tool. What I did was turn the phone off (power and volume up seem to be the buttons that force shutdown and break the reboot loop). flashtool will prompt you to connect when you flash the ftf file and you hold power...
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    Thread xperia Z3c bootloop after flashing CWM

    I recently got a z3c and decided to try to get a slim rom on it. I have done the following: I unlocked the bootloader. This was done successfully to the best of my knowledge The next thing I did was flash a cwm image to by z3c using fastboot. The problem was that I flashed the z3 version on...