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  • Thank you for your kitchen, I encountered a problem, making Chinese ROM appears
    1, the regional settings there are no CHINESE, how to replace 0804's wince.NLS?
    2, using WM6.5 for SMS, not new and reply to text messages
    3 you can get hold of support for the Chinese kitchen?
    Thank you, waiting for your reply.
    MY MSN is [email protected]
    my problem.
    i can´t save the mms configuration.
    the rom 20.5b is fantastic but the problem mms.
    Dear Spocky,

    This ROM is the greatest ever.

    But in KisS20.5b_Rom_5.2.21109_Build_20755.1.4.0_WWE, A2DP fails to work.

    is there a work around.

    the service BAG0 fails to load btagsvc.dll.

    Hi sporky12.
    I had a contact with you before. I'm a korean incite user.
    Now we get a official rom "bin" & "dll" not "dz". We've managed to get the useful files of 10xMBNs & MBR & header.
    But we cannot get a flash.bin file. We tried the Lgflashmuncher. It give a error cause it's not the same "flash.bin"as you know.
    Is there any way to build a new-flash.bin without a original flash.bin?

    hope for help.
    Hi Spocky,

    I really appreciate your work with all your roms but is there anyway to get kinetic scrolling back on to xCite 2b Rom 5.2.21046 rom?
    Hi sir, im trying to download the kisS2.05a but always failed, is that link still alive?
    is there anyway to build Korean rom for KS20??
    I'm having trouble with running the program input/outputs korean.
    the program freezes my KS20 and I have to take batteries out to reset....

    also am I still not able to use messegner or outlook on "KisS20.5a_Rom_5.2.21109_Build_20755.1.4.0_WWE.7z"??

    thank you
    hey spocky, I was wondering if you ever cooked a rom for the htc fuze? The touch screen on my incite is going out and although I have had a lot of fun with the phone, I am looking to go up for another upgrade. If not, do you know anyone that has the you trust? Thanks, bro! I appreciate it.
    Hi Spocky, I was just wondering how it was going with the s class interface with the incite. I don't want to bother you was just curious. Thanks. 98tiburonfx
    hi Spocky12
    I am in trouble. Maybe You will laugh at me. I just flash the kiss 20.5 by following the instructions. I had branded ks20, i did the unbranding with nv2 tool. Everything fine but the telefon does not find any network (I am in Austria, using Orange or previos ONE)
    I did a second flash in emergency mode. Than I noticed that I am missing the NV Default line in the LGMDP_Euro. The last line is WINCE Image. So I think I can not choose the nv2 file. In NV Restore is written: Error! NV Backup File not exist.
    Please help me!!! What went wrong?
    hey spocky...
    I thought i found everything :(
    anyway... I tried to use the 21815 SYS with the 23009 XIP and it still didnt work. I think im just gonna have to get the 21815 XIP and SYS. If the builds are different, will it still cause an issue?
    I greet
    I ask about help in change of language the KiSa on Polish. Our tests do not give result unfortunately. We possess from HTC files Diamond WM 6.1. Can you us help? Which files should we switch? I would can maybe send You these files?
    I greet Piron
    Hi spocky, great job again on your newest build ( 6.5 rom ) i sent a donation, it is what i can afford at this time.
    Also very interested in testing out the 6.5 rom. Almost had the Incite sold, but discovered this site just in time!

    Thank you, sir.
    im interested in help testing the 6.5 rom. i use my device quite frequently so any bugs there are im sure ill get and help get this one stable, thanks in advance
    Hi Spocky, I was interested in helping with the beta of the wm6.5 rom for the ct-810 (I hope i did not come on too strong with my response in the thread) I have a good amount of dealing with flashing various devices and even recovering from bad flash issues. Your rom, your choice. Thank You for your time and support of the community.

    hey spocky12 i have the new windows mobile 6.5 rom for ks 20 ther are a few bus i wold like u to work and edit that rom for all ks20 users
    in response to your post on working a2dp testers...
    I would like to help with that since that is one of the main uses i have for my phone.
    i am running the 10x LGE rom and i am using the a2dp as i type this.

    I also hope my donation helped.
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