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    Post Photo quality

    Very disappointed in this camera. Most photos with even the slightest motion turn out blurry. Have checked pro mode for shutter speed and nothing. Seriously, Samsung?!?? NO shutter speed adjustment?? That would help immensely. This is why we need root-to get a camera that would work right. Any...
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    Post How to rotate wallpaper when in landscape?

    Just bought a Note 9 and noticed this. Have looked elsewhere for the answer and have read that this was a Google deal, they changed it. Either way, we need to let them know it's unacceptable and needs fixed!! It's ridiculous!!!
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    Post Wallpaper not rotating after April update with Nova Launcher

    Word is, from what I've read elsewhere, this was done by Google. Why? Who the H knows! Gotta be one of the friggin dumbest 'updates' I've ever seen from them. Bought a Note 9 and have tried every fricking setting and whatnot to get that stupid paper to rotate with no luck. Just stupid...
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    Post Speakerphone (loudness, clarity)

    Definitely disappointed in the Note 9's stereo speakers. Traded my S8+ in for this and was really hoping for a great improvement and am very seriously disappointed. My S8+ bottom single speaker is as loud if not louder than the Note 9's dual ones. Seriously, Samsung? I'm paying $1000 for this...
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    Post Do you use a screen protector?

    Yeah, the curved edges just play havoc with keeping it on for any length of time. I went with a bit bulkier case as well with raised top and bottom edges to prevent any damage if dropped. So far so good...
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    Post Discuss all thing Galaxy S8/S8+ root

    I think it's really amazing and frankly, fascinating how they go about getting root from a device as locked down as the S8. Takes quite a bit of ingenuity and smarts and I'm sure a pinch of luck here, there. Glad to hear they got it! No hurry for it. Gonna have this phone for quite awhile anyway.
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    Post Do you use a screen protector?

    I've always used glass screen protectors on my phones and it's kept them immaculate, but I've tried two diff types of glass ones on my S8+ and I just cannot get them to stay on for any length of time, so I'm going without which sucks,but what can you do?
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    Post Galaxy S8 Navigation Bar Color Changer

    I would just like to be able to change the color of the notifications on the Nav bar=signal strength, time, etc. Is that possible?? ---------- Post added at 09:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:28 PM ---------- I would just like to change the color of like the clock, time etc on the Nav...
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    Post Discuss all thing Galaxy S8/S8+ root

    Is it safe to post on XDA anymore? Or is every post being scrubbed? Just wanting to know. Hard to discuss and follow threads about root progress when they're being closed left and right. Is there another safe site to check this out on? I'm really interested in root and want to keep up on it.
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    Post S8+ Verizon Unrooted

    What about Viper audio? Is that possible without root? I just ordered a S8+ the unlocked version and am a bit concerned not seeing much on root. I see there are bounties out there for it and a lot of work being done towards root and possible BL unlocking, but who knows when it will come...
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    Post [FiRMWARE] XT1575 PuRE FiRMWARE aNd STuFF

    I'm on your 6.0 from 5.1.1 and am having radio issues where it will drop signal occasionally or drop down to 3g. Should I change radios back to 5.1.1 to see if it improves?? I wasn't having this issue prior to installing 6.0.
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    Post Moto X Pure/Style vs Google Pixel Phone XL

    Hate that Google is going the Apple route with pricing. Is this phone $200 better than the Nexus or darned near $400 better than the MXPE?? Hell no it ain't! I about dropped a lung looking at the 128gb XL price! Get real! This isn't even Note quality stuff and there's no way I'd pay that for...
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    Post My Google Pixel XL vs. Moto X Pure comparison

    This is why I want nothing to do with the Pixel. Price is just outrageous and you're not getting two/three times the phone for the price. Now I 'might' consider getting a Note 8 when it comes out next year, but the Pixel is just way overpriced right now for what you're getting. Think I'm...
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    Post If there's no Moto X 2016, what's your next phone?

    A lot of folks are going with the Google Pixel XL phones, but I cannot stomach that ridiculous $800 price. About the only phone I would have purchased for near that price would have been the Note 7 had it not 'gone up in flames'. Thankfully I still have my MXPE trucking on, so I'll wait till...