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    Post [TOOL] Android Image Kitchen - Unpack/Repack Kernel Ramdisk [Win/Android/Linux/Mac]

    Suggestions This tool is very good, but the recent Samsung mobile phone does not support, such as G3568v boot.img, was unable to decompress the inside of the boot.img-ramdisk.cpio, but cannot be modified! Hope to solve the! Thanks a million Supplied image: boot.img Setting up work folders . ...
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    小路,最近新出的三星机型按照之前的打包方法刷入不开机,你了解吗 小路,最近新出的三星机型按照之前的打包方法刷入不开机,现在有解决办法了吗?用你这个工具打包不知道能不能解决 另外,我在下载工具的时候,有一个地方出错, Enter branch: android-4.3_r3.1 Cloning into 'android_img_repack_tools'... remote: Counting objects: 121, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (52/52), done. remote: Total 121 (delta...
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    Post [MOD][KERNEL MODULE] wp_mod: disable system write protection

    C:\Users\admin\Desktop>adb push wp_mod.ko /sdcard/ * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * 455 KB/s (35943 bytes in 0.077s) C:\Users\admin\Desktop>adb shell ~ # su # insmod /sdcard/wp_mod.ko insmod /sdcard/wp_mod.ko insmod: can't insert...
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    Post [RUU][Firmware]Sprint HTC One M8 | 6.20.65x.3 | Stock Rooted ROMs | Updated 1.30.16

    How do you use ruuveal decryption ROM of this equipment How do you use ruuveal decryption ROM of this equipment
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    Post How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy Trend3 G3502i?

    yes ---------- Post added at 01:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:08 PM ---------- Contact me, I can root
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    Post [Q] Videos stop playing after awhile

    Give it a try after clear the cache
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    Post [Q] Modifying app for android

    Problem solved, you don't have signature
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    Post [Q&A] Linux-on-Android project

    Sounds good.
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    Post 3508j root

    Have uploaded the boot img Have uploaded the boot img
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    Post 3508j root

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    Thread 3508j root

    android 4.3 This machine is customized machine, can't root, please develop a great god root kernel
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    Thread [Q] htc disable system write protection Thank flar2 Made of 816 w modules Now I have a new cell phone HTC 609d, the same can not be perfect root, HTC has not released official 609 d source, request flar2 help, thank you :good:
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    Post [Q] how to use WCDMA in Chinese with Samsung SM-9008V

    你不会是脑子有问题吧, 这是移动定制,联通当然用不了了