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    Post Question How do I enable LTE?

    You don't have to have a data plan just for a smartwatch, a normal phone esim works fine.
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    Post Question Can I buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic without concerns or isn't it worth it?

    All the health stuff is just a gimic. Who needs a watch to tell you are fat/unfit? or need to move around and have a drink, or go for a walk? I go to bed and wake up in the morning. Do I need a watch to tell me whether I actually slept, or what type, don't give a monkeys to be honest. Great...
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    Post Question Issue with 4G on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, non Samsung phone

    Don't understand this. I couldn't pair my watch with my Huawei phone, but that was because of the known Huawei block. I've therefore decided to pair with another of my phones a Motorola. No issue at all loading a vodafone eSim onto the watch (payg) with the Motorola having a giffgaff sim...
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    Post Question Receiving txt message to LTE watch number.

    I've discovered with the right settings selected in the wear app, as long as my phone is switched on, I still receive txt messages sent to my phones sim number on my watch, as long as my watch is connected to the Internet either by WiFi or LTE. Also I can send a txt from my watch, using the...
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    Thread Question Receiving txt message to LTE watch number.

    I've manage to get a UK Vodafone PAYG sim transfered to esim and loaded onto my watch 4. This works fine receiving and making voice calls, sending txt messages, but it won't received an incoming txt message directly to the watches esim number. Anyone know why not? It was possible on my...
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    Post Replacement Strap for LG W281

    My bands have just failed again after one year. After 4 and a half years, several batteries and straps, that's it, bought a Galaxy Watch 4 LTE.
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    Post Time to call it a day

    Finally the end after 4 and a half years. Yet another strap has failed after only one year. I've just bought a Galaxy watch 4 classic LTE. A good innings though, shame no LG Watch Sport 2.
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    Post Time to call it a day

    New battery and brand new OEM straps fitted. So now have an as new watch again. First full charge and have just completed a straight 16 hours until battery save at 15%. That's with nothing turned off, and LTE. Pleased with that.
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    Post Time to call it a day

    I gone and done a U turn. I've purchased on ebay another w281 for only £50. It's the silver grey colour as opposed to the blue black of my current one. I honestly don't think it has ever been worn, mint. Saying that, today, one of the straps split at the buckle, it just fell off my wrist...
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    Post Time to call it a day

    If buying an esim watch I'd buy the ticwatch or with deep pockets the Montblanc Summit 2 plus.
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    Post Time to call it a day

    I believe that's eSim and not UK compatible. A few choices eSim in the UK available but non that I'm aware are micro SIM unfortunately.
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    Thread Time to call it a day

    After 3 and a half years daily usage, its time to call it a day. About 18 months ago I changed the battery, which gave me a full day on LTE. Shortly afterwards one of the watch straps split, which fortunately at the time a new replacement set where on ebay which I bought. Lately the battery...
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    Post W280A new cheap on ebay (Usage in Europe?)

    I bought mine on eBay, 2 years ago now. It wasn't until I was on holiday in the US with my 280, and it came alive with my UK SIM, I just had to get the 281 when back home. They are nearly 3 years old now, about time alternatives are available, alas they are all eSim that complicates things...
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    Post W280A new cheap on ebay (Usage in Europe?)

    I had the 280 and it did not work in the UK, with any of the 4 network providers. Sold it and bought the 281 instead that I still use today. Been great with latest FW and a new battery. Full day no problem with LTE.
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    Post Watch shuts down spontaneously and will not reboot until put back on charger.

    Ebay, but the seller bought them from Korea first but never used them. Not much help, sorry.