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  • hab mir das youtube für den hd2 runtergeladen. installiert sich ohne fehler, aber startet nicht. liegt es daran, dass ich den hd2 von tmobile habe. ist im original nicht installiert
    Dear friend I was amazed when I saw you running Navigon 7 on your blackstone, I tried every thing in 250 threads to make my version work, but all were in vain, please can you help me with your specific files/fixes?

    I have version

    you will make my blackstone worthless, just if you replied to me.

    [email protected]

    I will do anything in return, I will even donate to you!

    Hey Im sure you have tons of people messaging you, but your link to the WWE version is dead. Can you supply another? Im greatly interested in loading your rom. Thanks

    Can I have permission to post your TT& program.. err.. hack if you want to call it in the Vogue section? Thanks! ps I wont call it a hack in a public forum no worries!
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