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    Post [GSI][10] LineageOS 17.x GSI (all archs)

    Hey AndyYan thanks for this, running really great, just one weird issue - it starts to lag on my A51 (Exynos 9611) as soon as I select a custom configuration in live display, though it goes back to normal after moving back to default colour values. Not just lineage, I face this on all GSIs with...
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    Post AOSP GSI for A51 (A515FXXU3BTF4 - 19-08-2020)

    Hey Aerys could you please tell me if you used A only or A/B build for this? Afaik, A51 is A only but since it's SAR, A/B GSIs must be used. Am I wrong?
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][POTTER] - Havoc-OS 3.5 | Android 10

    Source needs to add that. Also, it's for the first time I'm reading that there exists a feature which is in some other rom, but NOT in havoc. :rolleyes:
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    Post [ROM] [9.x] LineageOS 16.0 Pie Unofficial for Moto G5 Plus (potter)

    For now, yes... What even ROMs can boot pretty fine without gapps. What about Chinese 'google-less' devices then, if we follow your way? Lineage used to boot fine without gapps (like many other ROMs) before they enforced priv-app permissions (and, their hotword permission is rekt, which needs...
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL][potter] TWRP 3.3.0-0 touch recovery [2019-04-15]

    What? Really? I'm able to transfer files to PC and the other way around, as well. In TWRP too.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10.0][POTTER] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    No. Wipe system, data, cache, dalvik and flash the ROM zip. If still bootloop, ensure you are running the latest official TWRP. If you are, post the logs here and tag ZjrDroid.
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    Post Moto g8 plus camera

    Sar any help with wallpaper?
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    Post [ROM] [potter] ArrowOS 10.0 | OFFICIAL | STABLE [Android 10]

    Lol Flashlight is a NECESSITY for many (including me) I use chop chop 10+ times a day.
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    Post [ROM] [9.x] **crDroid**v5.1 Official

    Drake had already warned everyone that the said build bootloops.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10.0][POTTER] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    Dunno about the rest, but for zarchiver, app needs an update to support Android Q, no fault of the ROM, use any other file manager with Q support, or, default files app to install apps. And, for migrate, previous version (play store stable version) doesn't support SAR. Use below alpha version I...
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    Post [ROM] [potter] ArrowOS 10.0 | OFFICIAL | STABLE [Android 10]

    Now, finally, Q is completely bug free. Flashlight toggle (+ chop chop) was stopping many from jumping to Q, now that no longer is the case.
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    Post [ROM][10.0][POTTER][OFFICIAL] Evolution X 3.3 [AOSP][11/13/19]

    Lol Everywhere? Can't be fixed as of now, because flashlight toggle and fully working camera (plus encryption too) are higher priorities for devs currently.