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  • hey i have downloaded your .zip for the circular battery and have trying to add it to cyanogens update to no avail i have tried numerous times to edit the framework-res.apk file and nothing has went successful for me I got all the way to resigning the .zip file and came up with errors do you think you could help a guy out this would be much appeciated
    What happened to the creator of the Post Your MetaMorphs Thread?
    Hey Man, I need your help. I ve been following xda for a long time now and became a member in December. I'm currently learning development for Apps, and I was wondering if we could chat sometime or I can email you the questions that I have and you can respond whenever you have some free time. Thanks Man
    Stericson the cliq users @ Modmymoto really need your help. Nobody knows how to change the notification bar color to black. It would really be appreciated if you could create a morph for this.
    Hey Stericson, I was watching ur Baksmali/Smali vid and one thing that really amazed me was the Windows organizer you were using for Windows 7. What is it!!
    Hi steve how are you..I emailed you twice and you never answered..I am having trouble with Metamorph..My email is [email protected] and everytime I try to open up Metamorph it loads and then closes out saying the following error "Some files could not be extracted or set up.Please make sure you have enough space in system/and busy box is installed". I used the droid rooting tools and installed busy box along with everything else..Want to explain to me what I missed because your Metamorph either has bugs or I dont know. You should make a forum if anyone has any problems because I couldnt really find anything in the forums that were clearly explaining issues. Please reply as soon as possible. I wouldnt like to get it up and running thank you,

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